Sanctuary for the Abused

Friday, April 23, 2004


Nothing more can be said
Or done
So you just quietly walk away

As I watch your silhouette pass out of existence
A whisper of night-wind like a cold death moves over me
Suspended slowly and forever over my shattered soul

In these final moments of Love
All expression is squeezed out of me and
I'm rigid with fury
Your dangling lies and contempt tremble around me

Dark was as dark is
An anatomy of misgivings
My spirit devours the remnants of your deceptions
With a subtle gray suffering scarcely perceivable in shadows

After so much strife
So much anger
So much grief
So much passion drained from my heart

I still don't know how I can just stop loving you

I needed you to adore me
And take away the shallowness of my past
To share my self-imposed delirium and
Touch my desires

You made me feel complete
And soothed my inescapable demand for Love
I despise you for that


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