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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Breaking the Cycle
An anthology that introduces some and reminds others of the darker side of life; domestic abuse.

In this anthology there are eight stories that give a different spin on the subject of abuse. In the title story, penned by Zane, a young girl persuades her mother to leave an abusive man but things don't go as planned; J.L Woodson's "God Answers Prayer" deals with a young boy fighting for his life in the hospital after being placed there by a parent, and the recognition of abused men by Shonda Cheekes in "Silent Suffering" was a much needed perspective. However,out of the eight,there were three stories that had a greater impact on this reader. "The Grindstone" by Nane Quartay, in which a young boy witnesses a particularly gruesome murder and has no idea of how it will affect his life, "The Break of Dawn" by Collen Dixon which has an unforeseen twist that gave this reader pause and "The Stranger" by Tracy Thompson-Price who gives us a total new look at a victim's breaking point. These three stories were written in such a way they were very compelling.

Zane has done an outstanding job choosing these powerful stories to show this subject matter from different perspectives. Some stories were tame in descriptions but heavy on internal struggle of the victims and others were written so vividly that you could feel the blows of the abuse. Also the inclusion of domestic abuse resources in all fifty states gives a person an idea of where to start if they could in any way relate to these stories.

Although this is not a book that you can sit and devour in one sitting (because of the subject matter) it is indeed a powerful read.
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