Sanctuary for the Abused

Friday, June 17, 2005


Virtual Angels are assigned Flock Of Angels and NBCF projects. These volunteers are loyal to our cause and specialize in it. Many of them have experienced or know someone who has been through a violent occurrence. They are the core of of FOA and have a special interest in this mission.

VA training gives a little background on domestic and all violence, preparing "Angels" to handle assignments in this field. Assignments range from web research, proof reading, graphic and web design, writing, event planning, administrative, program development, marketing, and more. This is all accomplished with satellite computers and The Virtual Angels provide a perfect way to give back while working on exciting projects and programs from the comfort of your own home or office.

Many people actively search for volunteer opportunities they can complete via home or work computers, because of time constraints, personal preference, a disability or a home-based obligation that prevents them from volunteering on-site. Community Servants allows anyone with Internet access to contribute time and expertise to non-profit organizations, schools, government offices and other agencies that utilize volunteer services.

People with specialty occupations donate their skills and knowledge to organizations and people needing a helping hand. Donating time doing what they're good at makes the volunteer more effective and the recipients of the the program benefit more. With doctors, lawyer, architects, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, school teachers, childcare operators, volunteering their services as a group, they give the part of them that helps someone else the most.
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