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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Psychopathy and Consumerism

Two Illnesses That Need And Feed Each Other

A psychopath or partial psychopath has an impaired capacity to form intimate, trusting mutually satisfying relationships with other human beings as a result of impaired attachment in the earliest years. Unable to find pleasure and satisfaction from others, the psychopath or partial psychopath must turn to things -- goods and services (drugs, sex, gambling, etc), toys and travel -- to fill the emptiness within.

The emptiness of the hollow man must be filled, and consumerism has learned how.

It is said that a culture creates the kind of people it needs. Maybe we're into frequent separations and changing, shared, paid caregivers in the first three years of the lives of our children so they will grow up with an insatiable need to shop till they drop.

If you're unable to obtain satisfaction from BEING, which is based on love and the pleasure of sharing, then the HAVING MODE, as Eric Fromm put it, is your only choice. "The HAVING MODE, concentrates on material possession, acquisitiveness, power, and aggression and is the basis of such universal evils as greed, envy, and violence..."

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End of Introductory Interview with Dr. Barker

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