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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Do Offenders Manipulate Adults Too

Many molesters work just as hard to seduce and manipulate adults as they do to trick children. Some tell people they think child molesters should be shot. while others work very hard to present themselves as a concerned citizen and pillar of the community. Some of their good works are performed out of guilt, while others are intended to throw off suspicion if a child ever tells on them.

Most molesters spend time thinking of ways to talk people out of reporting them to law enforcement and are able to come up with very creative excuses or rationalizations about what happened. In addition to telling people it was an accident or that the child must have misinterpreted the situation, some make sure that people know the child has lied about things in the past, been in trouble or sexually promiscuous. Most professional forensic experts can't tell when people are lying, so regular people shouldn't expect to do any better. The best thing all of us can do if a child says they have been abused is to call the police and report the situation. The worse thing we can do is to accept the explanation of an adult. If the adult is lying and talks you out of reporting, he/she will probably go on to molest more children. Different offenders use different tactics.

from: Grandparents Against Pedophiles
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