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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Cyberpathy is a little understood issue on the internet, and there is precious little information about how devastating being in the clutches of a cyberpath can be.

You have been a good friend, a good lover, a supportive and kind individual. You have spent hours upon hours of time with them, giving them your trust, understanding their problems and offering sympathy, love, kindness. You are rewarded with stalking, manipulative cruelty, lies and conning. You discover, after it's too late, that everything that is good about you has been turned against you -- all for the sake of a sick and twisted person's silly games.

Those in your 'Real Life' don't fully understand why you are so devastated by this deception. They haven't been in the clutches of a cyberpath, and don't know how fully this lie of a person invaded your life and took so much of your energy. Many people don't understand why someone you met 'online' shouldn't be just as honest and kind as those you meet 'offline'. They don't understand that yes, you can have good friendships form on the internet, and also become the victim of those who are without souls. Your feelings aren't taken as seriously as you know they should be.

You have been
emotionally raped, and feel you have no one to talk to about your experience.

You give the cyberpath exactly what he or she wants, and cocoon into yourself, not talking about it, and going into hiding.
Meanwhile, your cyberpath happily skips along, pulling more into his or her web of lies, with nothing to stop them from hurting others the way they hurt you.

It's time to stop letting these manipulators and liars get off the hook so easily.

Tell your story.

Don't be another painful well of silence.

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