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Friday, September 28, 2007


Today I join 1,000s of bloggers around the world in BlogCatalog's Blogging for a Great Cause Challenge.

Here's Sanctuary for the Abused's post for this cause:

I recieved this book to read and review a while ago and just recently finished it.

This book was chock-full of raw emotions. At first it was a switch to read a book written as if someone had opened up their private journal to the world. In a way, Vanessa Vega had done just that.

The book is about her journey through group and private therapy for being a 'cutter' (self-injurer) and having an eating disorder. So much isn't understood about cutters and the public tends to blame them for a lack of self control. In actuality its an attempted by an abused person to externalize their inner pain.

I highly recommend this book, not because it normalizes cutting or eating disorders but because it cuts right through to the underlying driving factors making someone do these things: abuse, abandonment, perfectionism, low self-esteem and self-hate. It does what a book about abuse should do: Let Other Sufferers Know They are Not Alone.

Here's what had to say -
Texas teacher Vega's horrific account of her lifetime of self-abuse alternates between an intimate diary of pain and a healing dialogue with her counselor.

...Vega portrays herself as a child so eager to please her exacting parents that she began to punish herself for her perceived (by them, but mainly by herself) shortcomings. She would hit herself until she passed out, and cut or starve herself to cause a punishing pain that allowed a release to anger and frustration she was not allowed to express. Her mother's diabetes, her parents' divorce and abandonment by her father led to mounds of guilt, and Vega's abuse of diet pills put her in the emergency room.

By the time she seeks therapy she is in her mid-30s, married and no longer able to control her increasingly dire self-mutilation. Her work is cleanly wrought and raw with emotion, especially the passages that take place during group therapy with several other deeply troubled women. ...her aim is admirable and true: to share her story so that kindred readers will seek help.
Click here to learn more and purchase this moving & very personal book.


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