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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tremendous Loss for All of Us

Any reader of this blog knows the brilliant writing of Kathy Krajco. I have used her writings her many times - and will do so in the future. She & I often traded emails as we both had being the child of a narcissist in common. Kathy had a common sense style of writing that was insightful and illuminating.

Kathy was a friend of Sanctuary for the Abused and a net-friend to this blog owner.

Kathy passed away unexpectedly on May 9, 2008.

Her loss is a profound shock & palpable.

'The L-rd gave, and the L-rd took back, may the Name of the L-rd be Blessed!' - Beruriah


JANESVILLE, WI- Kathy S. Krajco, age 56, of Janesville, died unexpectedly in her home. She will be missed by those whose lives she touched. She was born in Richland Center on April 12, 1952, the daughter of Frank and Adeline C. (Cervenka) Krajco, who preceded her in death. Kathy loved the companionship of her dog, Pierre.

She is survived by her sister, Terese Krajco of Janesville; many uncles, aunts, cousins, other relatives and friends.

A private memorial service was held at St. John Vianney Catholic Church, with Father Randy Timmerman officiating. Inurnment was at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.


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shared by Barbara at 12:04 AM



I am very sorry to hear, that. I had just found her blog, and his invaluable information to help people and was going to even write her. She seems like a great person who really desired to help people. Praying.

9:47 AM  

I'm sorry for not finding the appropriate words to express my feelings of shock, pain and sadness.

Kathy means really indescribably much to me though I only know her by reading her blogs, and I'm really grateful and appreciate so much what she was sharing.

I was worried because she hadn't posted for a month, thought that she might be ill ...

Thank you, Barbara for your posting - though it's such a painful shock without you I would not know.

I share your sadness and loss.

I lit a candle for Kathy on

God bless you, Kathy. I miss you and will always keep you in my heart.

In tears, Tobi from "overseas" (Austria, Europe)

11:08 AM  

I am so sorry to read about your loss. One thing that has helped me since we lost Natasha to a horrific murder is I have memorial keepsakes of her. I bought memorial jewelry that I wear in her memory so I can talk about her when someone comments on my jewelry. I have also planted a memorial garden with a water pond. The task at first seemed huge and expensive but I found a lot of affordable memorial statues and memorial jewelry here at Memorial Jewelry and Statues. They have affordable memorial items, urns, plaques, and statues that can be so expensive if purchased from a funeral home. We could barely afford to bury our sweet Natasha so I know how hard it can be. You and your family are in our prayers during this difficult time.

6:16 PM  

Also here I like to express and share my feelings of sadness with all of you who knew Kathy and feel the loss of a friend.
I read comments on Anna V's site and here, of people I know and shared comments with on Kathy's site over the last 3 years.
Kathy helped us and through her we could help eachother. I believe she literly saved lives through her work and personality.
Forever gratefull for that.
Tobi, thank you for sharing your feelings too. I know you from Kathy's site. I lit a candle too and shed tears. We had the privelage of finding Kathy and being helped and comforted by her.
What a privelage it was.
She was one of these brave people who put NPD on the map as it should be; no room for excusses on their behaviour and no blaming their victims.

greetings, Gerard (from Holland)

9:27 PM  

I really hate to hear of Kathy's passing. Her website has been an amazing blessing to my family. We have been plagued for almost 8 years by a maliciously malignant NPD & although our counselor told us we were probably dealing with a Narcissist, we had no clear understanding of what we were truly dealing with until we found Kathy's main website just this past May. It's just been in the last week that I've looked at her blog & that of Anna V & I was shocked & saddened to hear of her passing.
It looks as though our family were not the only folks Kathy touched with her insight. I'm glad she has associates like you and Anna V to carry her flag & continue her legacy of helping those who have to deal with this viciousness in their lives. Our sympathy & prayer go out to Kathy's friends & family. God bless you.

9:16 AM  

I was an avid fan of Kathy's and had been reading her work for so long...always anticipating some new words of wit and wisdom. I kept going back to her blog... looking for her latest post...yet none came. I was concerned and emailed her on two occasions but got no reply. I had written a couple of people who write about narcissists on the net and they knew nothing either. Finally tonight after emailing one of her posters, I learned the truth. I am shocked and very grieved at losing Kathy. I almost feel as if she were a personal friend and losing her has left a vacuum. What a talented and gifted writer. She certainly had a lot to offer....not just to us victims of narcissists and pyschopaths but to the tennis players and writers who were lucky enough to read her. Kathy we love you and you are missed. I hope you are in a much better place...where narcissists are never allowed.
Kathy you are a bright and shining star whose light went out too soon.


5:43 AM  

Wow! I read Kathy's blog every day the way some people read Dear Abby. I was really curious when the blog hadn't been updated, but figured she gave up on it for possibly personal reasons (the internet can be an ugly place!). I had no idea until today that she passed away.

This is sad on so many levels. Kathy was a voice for people who have had to live with NPD's. People who don't understand the "disorder" have no sympathy for those of us who have relationships with these controlling individuals. Kathy was one of the few people who allowed "victims" to call themselves "victims" and not be ashamed to do so.

My condolences to her family, and I hope others can carry on her work. She was a voice in the wilderness for the road to recovery.

11:30 AM  

I'm so sorry to learn this, 3 years after the fact, I'd only just found her blog. What a wonderful service she's done. I didn't realize all of this had a name, and that I wasn't crazy. Thank you Kathy.

3:41 PM  

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