Sanctuary for the Abused

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Survivor's Prayer

by Debra Bruce

Come here, fear,
but not too near,
not quite where you were
when I first learned,
as luck would have it,
my body wreaked havoc on itself.
I’d never thumb

through a planner’s humdrum
future dates, or so I thought.

Come fear, when I forget,
when the sun’s right in my eyes,
too bright,
turning me tense suburbanite,
its charms taking on the irascible glitter
of jammed summer lots.

Come, fear, and follow
as I go, mellowing
shapes I know in shadow.
And when I try to shake you off,
deepen the dusk, let whiffs
of ozone breathe what if —
your best offer, your intricate gift —
now ask me what’s to come of it.

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