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Friday, November 02, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Dear Faithful Readers -

Apologies that Sanctuary for the Abused hasn't been updated in a few days.  We had no electricity thanks to Hurricane Sandy until late last night (11/1/12).

More people are still hurting and I can tell you first hand, while we have some clean-up to do, it's nothing compared to the horrible devastation we have seen just in our neighborhood.  Add to that lack of gasoline, store shelves that aren't getting restocked, subway trains that won't go below 39th Street in Manhattan, whole neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Southern Queens that no longer exist... I want to take a minute to ask, if you can, to donate to whatever Hurricane Relief agency you feel comfortable with.  The Red Cross, Feeding America - and other organizations are doing 24/7 work to try to help NYC recover.

Be back very soon,


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