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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Sexual Sadism & Sociopathy/ Psychopathy

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According to the DSM-IV, the essential feature of the disorder is to be found in patterns of irresponsible and antisocial behaviors beginning in childhood or early adolescence and continuing into adulthood. Lying, stealing,truancy, vandalism, initiating fights, running away from home, and physical cruelty are typical childhood signs. In adulthood the antisocial pattern continues and may include failure to honor financial obligations, maintain consistent employment, or plan ahead.

These individuals fail to conform to social norms and repeatedly engage in antisocial behaviors that are grounds for arrest, such as destroying property, harassing others, and stealing. Often these antisocial acts are committed with no seeming necessity. People with antisocial personality disorder tend toward irritability and aggressivity, and often become involved in physical fights and assaults, including spouse and child beating. Reckless behavior without regard for personal safety is common, as indicated by driving while intoxicated or getting numerous speeding tickets.

Frequently these individuals are promiscuous, often failing to sustain a monogamous relationship for more than one year. Some marry but do not remain faithful. They do not appear to learn from past experiences in that they tend to resume the same kinds of antisocial behaviors they were punishment for. Finally, they seem to lack feelings of remorse about the effects of their behavior on others. On the contrary, they may feel justified in having violated the rights of others.

Meloy (1992) defines Sexual Sadism as "the conscious experience of pleasurable sexual arousal through the infliction of physical or emotional pain on the actual object."(p.76)

DSM-IV describes Sexual Sadism as follows: Over a period of at least six months: recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving acts ( real, not simulated) in which the psychological or physical suffering (including humiliation) of the victim is sexually exciting to the person. These behaviors are sadistic fantasies or acts that involve activities that indicate the dominance of the person over his victim. (not always physical!)


(PLEASE NOTE: not ALL Sexual Sadists are Serial Killers!! Some direct their sadism into mental & emotional torture and psychological rape. - And are rarely seen as the sadists they truly are)

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This is a frightening article. People who struggle with things like porn addiction need help recovering. It is a very real addiction.

11:40 AM  

I find it surprising how often times i find inaccuracies within highly regarded and long established theories of psychology. For instance, the theory that females suffer from lower self-esteem than males (on average and in our world) is completely nonsensical. Of the two genders, men overwhelmingly suffer more from sadistic psychological tendencies (WHEN they actually do) versus women who suffer more often then men from masochistic psychological tendencies (on average WHEN they do as well). Sadism is nothing more than acute masochism where the tendency to "loath one's self", or "self-loathing", is so focused, pronounced and concentrated, that it begins to project itself outwardly against others. So there it is, the idea that women suffer from lower self-esteem than men is nothing more than mere mythology (because sadists hate themselves more than masochists).
The implications of this theory is the more that women verbally abuse men is the higher that the suicide rate for men shall probably go up (seeing how important the inter-gender connection of our species is); BUT on the flip side the more encouragement that women shower on our brothers is the more that the male suicide rate shall most plausibly go down. Men often times compliment women (some would dare even say "too much"), well with that said: "How much do women compliment men on average?". Who needs it more right now both in general and at this juncture within our human history? That's why i hate that Sarah Bareilles song so much. It's because there you have this woman talking down to introverted men, very subtley calling them "cowardly" (for not being "brave" enough to her liking). I would like to believe that this wasn't an overt attempt on her behalf to crush men under her ignorant "banshee" high pitched vocals and subtle attacks, but ignorance is as ignorance does (and as they say: "the road to judgement is paved in ignorance").

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