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Saturday, October 12, 2019

October is Domestic Viollence Awareness Month

Remember My Name
NCADV is developing a national registry of names of women killed as a result of domestic violence. Every October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a new poster will be released with the new names of victims submitted in the previous year.

The first poster, released in 1995, contained 600 names of women and additional victims(people killed in addition to the battered woman who was murdered). To learn more about this program, or to submit a name for the registry contact NCADV at the Denver office:

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)
P. O. Box 18749
Denver, CO 80218-0749
(303) 839-1852 / (303) 831-9251 FAX


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I hope this poem helps someone else.

Do you See?

Don’t bother looking for bruises,
They aren’t visible to the eye..

Or cuts,
They run too deep below the surface.

Don’t bother looking for broken bones either,
It was my heart that was so cruelly broken.

You won’t even find handprints or a weapon,
Neither is needed when destroying from the inside out.

And, please, don’t ask me where it hurts,
Pain is a welcome relief from the tears that ran out so long ago.

But I will never, ever let him hurt me again.

The Abuser? Don't expect to find him..
He wears many disguises, one of which is called “Victim.”

You say you rarely heard him yell or swear?
No, instead he shred my soul until it was I who screamed in agony and despair.

Oh, and witnesses? Well you see,
there were only three sweet, young girls blinded by a desperate need for their father’s love.

And don’t bother looking for fear,
I have seen hell and I am no longer afraid.

So I'll make sure he will never, ever hurt me again.

But you can look for my faith,
For it burns brighter and stronger than ever.

My determination may be obvious by now,
For I will never let anyone steal my soul again!

And you can test my strength,
The struggle has only made me stronger.

And hope? Do you see it?
It grows a little more each day.

My heart, do you hear it beating?
I know it does, for I can feel its comforting rhythm.

Look in my eyes?
Do they finally burn bright with peace and love --
for God and myself?

Do I finally have compassion for the little girl so abused;
the confused, lonely teenager;
or the heartbroken mother praying silently for her daughters?

Yes, I think the pieces are all there now,.
I think I am slowly, precariously, becoming whole.

So he will never, ever, break me again.

I've learned that love doesn't hurt,
It doesn’t blame, degrade, lie, or destroy.

Finally, I know peace, tenderness, comfort, and faith,
And I will never be afraid again,

Even though everything was stolen from me,
my reality, my security, my health, my “self,"
I am taking back my soul.

And he will never, ever, hurt or break me again.

11:05 AM  

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