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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Victims: How to File a Complaint about a DV "Service Provider"

If you are a victim that has been left behind, overly referred, ignored or denied services by a domestic violence agency or shelter, please file a formal complaint with your Attorney General’s office and local public officials using this template letter.

Sample Template:
(replace what is in RED with what is pertinent to YOUR situation)

As a victim of domestic violence, I would like to file a formal complaint about the following Victim Service Providers in XXX County and STATE:

Grace Smith Shelter
Family Services
NYS Coalition
Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

I have reached out to the above agencies in need of services and these agencies could not provide assistance with the following:

Emergency funds
Pro bono attorney assistance and legal advice

I would like to request that immediate attention is given to this issue and the agencies above investigated. I am in need and my ability to obtain assistance is vital.

I would be happy to provide you and your office with any documentation that you will need in order for this issue to be addressed.

Thank you,



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