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Friday, October 19, 2018


The Moon Card"
From Tarot Ravenfield by Thomas Sheridan (Under Development)

by Thomas Sheridan
Our God Who is Me.
Please Protect Me from Detection and Background Checks Today.
May my Rat-Like Smirk be Hidden and my Pupils Not Dilate
Please Continue to Allow Me to Woo Victims with Pity Plays,
Sob Stories about Cancer, Childhood Abuse and other "Poor Me" Fabrications.
Wild Mood Swings which Happen in an Instant.
Superficial Social Issues I Can Align Myself with.
Carry Around Unread Carl Sagan Books to Show what a Super Intellectual I be is.
May Google and Wikipedia be my Guide.
My Shifty Eyes, Parasitic Arrogance and Righteous Indignation Prove my Superiority over all.
Discard Enablers for New Ones in an Instant.
Let me Believe what I think Others would Like me to Believe in,
Until I no Longer Need to Fool them.
Get Married to Avoid Paying Rent.
Have Children Just to See What it is Like and then Lose Interest.
Have Sex with Something, Anything.
Invent Fake Beautiful Admirers on Facebook to Flirt with me,
To Compensate for the Mundane and Uninteresting Acquaintances I am Surrounded by.
As I Scream and Rage Internally as Successful and Happy Past Victims use NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN on me.
Because there is Nothing I can do about it.
As I Spiral into an Existence of Unfulfilled Fantasy and Schemes towards Banality and Resentment
And Deliver Us From Red Flags.


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shared by Barbara at 12:03 AM



Brilliant! Thank you got posting this!

7:00 AM  

Ahhh... I so needed that right now!


9:09 AM  

This describes our psychopath so perfectly that when I read it to my kids, they thought I wrote it!

8:08 PM  

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