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Monday, March 26, 2018

You Are NOT Going Crazy!

Phyliss Chesler, M.D. writes:

We now understand that women and men are not "crazy" or "defective" when, in response to trauma, they develop post traumatic symptoms,including insomnia, flashbacks, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety,depression, dissociation, a numbed toughness, amnesia, shame, guilt, self-loathing, self-mutilation, and social withdrawal.

You have been oppressed and oppression causes bodily changes. These changes make you think you are going crazy. There is a difference between a mental illness and a psychological injury. 
We are not mentally ill - we have been injured.

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shared by Barbara at 12:57 AM



Glad to know I'm not mentally ill, especially on days like this one.
20 years of mental and emotional abuse have certainly taken their toll.

9:42 PM  

Glad to hear that AMy. I have come to the conclusion it is this society that is sick, and many people in it, not me.

10:24 AM  

The saddest thing is, where do we go to get help? Very, very few professionals even know how to correctly identify this malady (emotional and psychological rape) let alone find a place where one can go to get true, healing help.

Most "institutions" are bogged down with psychopaths doing their "drama dance." This is true in most therepy sessions as well. Ever seen "Celebrity Rehab"? Look closely at MOST of the people on this show, BOTH the staff and patients. LOOK! The show is heavily made up of psychopaths doing the drama dance and this is THE BEST OF THE BEST in terms of help! (Take a look at ALL reality shows and you will see the same thing. Psychopaths who want to be worshipped. And they are getting what they want!)

So I say again, thank you Jesus for this website. Where we can go to remind ourselves that we are not insane, are not alone, and are not worthless. Where we can look up lists of ways abusers abuse us knowing that beautiful strangers (to us anyway) also saw these things and wrote them down for us. And then allowed Barbara to find them on-line to put here for us to see.

Sometimes WHILE I'm being verbally abused by my husband I will have the computer out and have the lists in front of me. This helps me to know that I am not alone. It also reminds me that my husband is a psychopath and hates everyone, thinks he's god and is really just a creature of instinct and even if he is "good" (not as abusive) for a while, it will not last as he must have a fight and must create chaos. (Remember, in psychopaths their blood pressure sometimes goes DOWN when angry. When I remain calm throughout a fight he gets madder and madder but as soon as I start yelling or engaging, he quiets and calms down. It's truly grotesque to witness.)

11:01 AM  

The guy I was with in June 2010 was a crazymaker, a user & a con artist. He drove me so far over the edge that tried to kill myself 2 times in 9 weeks. Its unbelievable to me that judges, attorneys & avocates havent seen or had enough of these covert cons.They should have to pay for the PTSD and damages they cause. Although, It couldnt possibly be the names they called us (even if they were joking) the ignoring us and the lies they tell people about us. I want revenge in the worst way..I just dont care anymore..The system does not work..Ive been trying for a long time to expose these scum...Authorities protect them & cover up for them .They dont want to get involved..Its WHO you KNOW not WHAT you KNOW , without a doubt in my mind. Im in the loneliest place in my life right now. The very last guy I just dummped was a child molester. He pursued me diligenlty. I Googled his name.I cried "WHY"? He told me "he had so much in common with her".Um ? OK? He never addmitted to me what he did was wrong, never.He said he,"didnt want her to have sex w/ anyone else. I was a target for him, his sister "was" my best friend. Im really digging to the bottom of that barrel. These trashy people have great jobs & drive killer sports cars. They cover their lies ,create diversions & turn what we say around to benefit themselves..Its disgusting. One day and I hope its in my lifetime, a man/woman is going to make a difference(if you catch my drift). Then maybe the ABUSERS will think twice before they do what they do in STEALTH MODE.They know exactally what they are doing because, they do it with malice. They devalue & discard. I Isolate and Rapid Cycle until I have panic attacks and rage over it.(to myself of course). I took such a leathal dose of pills last time that now, I have to take 11 types of meds just to function at half rate of what I was.. I never knew of this sick behavior(Ambient Abuse etc)..Whats Going On In This World. Where's The Love ??? Pray I dont do something stupid again..I almost can not cope with the Mental Anguish its caused me. I avoid people at all cost and to meet someone new??? Oh, I dont think so..Im scared if it happens to me again I may do something REALLY crazy..We arent crazy..They are sick-o's and so are the people that cover for them..Sick

1:26 AM  

Dear Anonymous, I can't tell you in words how much i feel for you. I know where you're coming from. The judicial system does not work. But seeking revenge only drops you to their level. You're better than that. You see the truth. That alone shows you have the power to get through this.

My ex had his new wife take out a bogus restraining order, then filed ridicolous complaints and i was arrested. I went to jail and have been out in bail, waiting for them to make more invalid claims to have me in jail for 60 days.

Take kickboxing or brazillian jiu jitsu..take your aggressions out through exercise or writing in a journal or a blog. Become an advocate yourself. Go back to school. Build up what has been torn apart inyour mind and heart.

You're not alone in your suffering. You're not alone period. You're in my prayers.

7:25 PM  

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