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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Characteristics of a Psychopath/ Abuser

(1. not all Abusers are Psychopaths, but all Psychopaths are Abusers.
2. only a FEW of these need to apply for them to be PATHOLOGICAL)


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10:52 PM  

@ above

Good for you!!

Every one of these sick bastards needs to be known. They are the scum of the earth. My life has been shattered by a sociopath that abused my nearly unending support.

When I found out she wasn't even real...everything about her was a god damned lie, I became psychotic and enraged.

These people should be rounded up and lit on fire. I'm not kidding in the slightest. No this doesn't make me the same as them. Difference being, I would never wish that on someone with a conscience.


7:28 AM  

Yes. This is the only cure for psychopathy (death) and like someone else said, everything about them is psychopathic. Everything they say, do, think etc. They are ALWAYS psychopaths. From birth till death. From waking up to going to bed and everything in between.

OR, we can start educating people and letting them know how to identify these characteristics and not allow them (psychopaths)in. But nobody screens for this and we are all told that all are the same UNTIL it's too late and only then are we (those raped and destroyed) allowed to think the truth. We're still not believed, helped, allowed to SAY it, but by golly, we know. Then we have no where to go, our brains are scrambled eggs due to PTSD, money is gone, education is either not attained because the psychopath kept us busy serving him, taking care of his psychopathic children, giving up all of our hopes and dreams to show that we are worthy and faithful, or unuseable because we are physically, spiritually, emotionally unable to use it, and all while he or she learns nothing but new ways to control us and others and it is all for nothing as they (psychopaths) just grow older. They are hard wired the way they are. Their brains are wired this way. It has nothing to do with anyone else, they are born this way. It is nothing more than a birth effect.

Now again, where is the list of companies that screen for psychopathy before hiring? I want to apply there. And the dating services that screen for this? I'd like their phone number as well.

I've read somewhere recently that autism diagnosis has increased by 600 percent in the last twenty years. Do you think that it's because there are that many BORN with autism or do you think it's maybe because we now acknowledge that it does, in fact, exist? So let's do the same with psychopathy. Let's acknowledge that it exists and start testing (MRI's) for it and let's see the commercials on tv, radio, billboards etc. that educates and helps.

I've also read recently that a Texas adoption agency has kept up with adopties and it's shown that over 50% of the children are more like their birth mothers in many characteristics than their adoptive families even if they've never met their birth mothers. (I'm guessing that they don't always have this info on the birth fathers.) People, genetics is real. God created it, so he knows about it and it's why he tells us through his word, to have relationships that are within a marraige so that it can be more easily traced and identified.

Preventative medicine, preventative birth defects etc. PREVENTATIVE! We try to prevent crime and criminals by intervention. Let's do the same with psychopathy.

12:11 PM  

If 17 out of these 24 characteristics are profound in a person, should I consider him as a psychopath? Somebody please help me to understand this.

5:56 PM  

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