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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Pornography Addiction: The Progression

The following information is from Healing Sexual and Pornography Addictions by Dr. Victor Cline.

"The first change that happened was an addiction-effect. The porn-consumers got hooked. Once involved in pornographic materials, they kept coming back for more and still more... The pornography provided very exciting and powerful imagery which they frequently recalled to mind and elaborated on in their fantasies."
"... many of my most intelligent male patients appeared to be most vulnerable—perhaps because they had a greater capacity to fantasize, which heightened the intensity of the experience and made them more susceptible to being conditioned into an addiction."
"The second phase was an escalation-effect. With the passage of time, the addicted person required rougher, more explicit, more deviant... sexual material to get their "highs" and "sexual turn-ons." It was reminiscent of individuals afflicted with drug addictions. Over time there is nearly always an increasing need for more of the stimulant to get the same initial effect."

"The third phase was desensitization. Material (in books, magazines, or films/videos) which was originally perceived as shocking, taboo-breaking, illegal, repulsive, or immoral, in time came to be seen as acceptable and commonplace. The sexual activity depicted in the pornography (no matter how anti-social or deviant) became legitimized. There was an increasing sense that "everybody does it" and this gave them permission to also do it, even though the activity was possibly illegal and contrary to their previous moral beliefs and personal standards."

"The fourth phase was an increasing tendency to act out sexually the behaviors viewed in the pornography, including:
This behavior frequently grew into a sexual addiction which they found themselves locked into and unable to change or reverse — no matter what the negative consequences were in their life."

(*As seen in clinical studies of sex addicts, sex offenders, or other individuals [96% male] with sexual illnesses. )
"... Their addiction and escalation were mainly due to the powerful sexual imagery in their minds, implanted there by the exposure to pornography."

"... It is difficult for non-addicts to comprehend the totally driven nature of a sex addict. When the "wave" hits them, nothing can stand in the way of getting what they want, whether that be pornography accompanied by masturbation, sex from a prostitute, molesting a child, or raping a woman. These men are consumed by their appetite, regardless of the cost or consequences. Their addiction virtually rules their lives."

"Once addicted, they could not throw off their dependence on the material by themselves, despite many negative consequences such as divorce, loss of family, and problems with the law (such as sexual assault, harassment or abuse of fellow employees)."

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I personally observed a man with 43 years of porn strongholds progress from viewing to complete destruction, denying every step toward his destruction and collateral damage to all around him that porn was not a problem.

His view he explained to me was he would not give up porn .

When I met him he was in his late 40's, addicted since he was 12. He never told me and I discovered the porn stronghold on his computer several years after we were married. We divorced when I found child porn websites bookmarked on his iphone in 2012.

Sadly he is still in denial even though as a Comnerical Airline worker his computers are searched by Homeland Security ongoing.

He seems to believe his created world of deception will never collapse and the deception will be believed by all as he poses as A Christian Man who served as a PromiseKeeper Ambassdor and Prayer Boith Volunteer at PK events.

In closing it was stunning to see how sick in the mind he was, speaking lies as if they were truth, expecting everyone to always believe the facade and never to be questioned.

This was a helpful article to explain the reality of porn progression. Daily in 2013 many men are being arrested for Child Porn and the haunted look in their eyes for their booking into Jail photo seems to be surprised they were found out and were not anonymous after all through the Internet (check out Google Alerts for Child Porn Arrests)

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