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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Lies Abusers Tell Their Victims

The following is a long list of lies, threats, and insane statements that abusers make in order to keep their victims in line, and in order to keep the blame away from themselves and the abuse cycle going. Note that many of the following do in fact happen -- threats of violence are often carried out, sometimes the police do come, and so on. Sometimes, lies do come true, for victims of abuse.

You're just taking it wrong.

I wouldn't hit you if you weren't so bad.

We could make this relationship great if only you would work harder.

You made me lie by not making it easy to tell the truth.

I only lied to you because I knew you'd be hurt if you found out the truth.

Your mother/sister/My wife won't give me this, and I/men need it.

If you tell anyone about this, I will stop giving your mother her child support and you/she will be homeless and starving.

If you tell, the police will come and take me away.

This is normal in Europe -- I'm doing this so you can be more sophisticated than your peers.

If you don't, I'll do it to your sister/brother.

You know you like it; what are you trying to get from me by resisting?

You're really tense; I can help you relax.

Let me make you feel better.

This is how you show love to people.

Children have to do what their parents tell them.

All [insert your least favorite group here] are going to hell.

If you can be sexy enough men will like you and you can go far in life.

You can make a lot of money as a prostitute.

All you're interested in is sex. That's all that most (teen-agers/women/men) are interested in.

You're not good for anything else anyways so you might as well use what you are good at.

You own nothing, not even yourself. In my house, you are mine.

Your asking not to be touched isn't a good reason for me not to touch you.

In my house you will do what I want you to.

If you tell, I'll kill your cat/dog/child/mother/father/friend/coworker.

I bought you X, but you owe me because you didn't earn it.

You will ruin our lives.

You're going to be the death of me.

You're going to grieve the loss after I leave you, but not the loss of love -- you're going to feel the loss a junkie feels when she can't get a hit.

I'm finally committed to you. That's why I have to leave you.

I can't live without you.

I know you better than you know yourself.

I was/am the parent/spouse/teacher/authority figure; therefore I know better than you.

This is going to kill your mother/father/teacher.

If you do this, nobody will ever talk to you again.

Your mother/father/sister/spouse wouldn't understand.

You're special, and this is our special secret.

Only true "friends" can be like this.

This is going to teach you about how to handle those horny teenage boys/girls who will be after you.

I have no one else to talk to.

You're the only one who really loves me.

You're too sensitive. I'm sick of you being so hypersensitive all the time!

Why are you so negative?

You're not sorry. If you were sorry, you wouldn't have said it.

You're bad. You're worthless. You're ugly.

You shouldn't feel that way. You shouldn't think that way.

I never did that. It never happened. You're just making it up.

Up to you. If you want to.

I can't believe how selfish you are.

You're self-centered, lazy, and irresponsible.

You shouldn't let it bother you.

That's just the way your [abuser] is. You shouldn't let them bother you.

I'm sick. I need help.

You know I love you/ have feelings for you/ care about you.

What are you mad at me for? I stopped drinking/beating you/abusing drugs, didn't I? What else do I need to do?

I wouldn't tease you if I didn't love you so much.

For a smart person, you sure do some dumb things.

You just remember what you want to remember.

Don't talk about your experience with my drinking/drug use/abuse/sex addiction because it will embarrass me.
Don't tell anyone about this. It's our little secret.
I'll kill you if you tell.

If you tell my spouse/significant other about us, he/she will kill themselves. And it will be your fault.

You'd be a lot prettier if you wore makeup.

You'd be a lot nicer if you weren't such a bitch.

He/She/They are lying/making it up/planted that stuff you found. They are jealous and want to ruin what we have.

I wouldn't do this to you if you weren't such a dirty, bad little girl/boy.

I wouldn't do this to you if you didn't like it.

You're a slut.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself!!
(NOTE: This is one of the most deadly things a person can ever say to a child.)

You only get what you deserve.

You have to forgive your abuser. You have to forgive me. It'll do you good if you forgive me. That's really the best thing for you.

I only have your best interests at heart.

This hurts me more than it hurts you.

Why are you so stupid? Why are you so snotty? Why are you so hard to get along with?

Why are you so [insert random meaningless accusation here]??

That's not what you meant. I know what you really meant.

You're overdramatic. You're obsessed.

You made me mad. You provoked me. You made me do it.

I'm not going to talk to you until you apologize.

Your feelings aren't important. Your opinions don't matter. I'm the only one who can be right. I'm the only one who can have feelings and opinions. I'm the only one who counts.

I never treated you that way. You imagined it. You had a wonderful childhood /adolescence/marriage/relationship.

You shouldn't feel like you were abused, because we gave you everything. You're so ungrateful. For all I have to put up with...

You're antagonistic. You're argumentative. You have a way of making people angry.

I can't be nice to you because it wouldn't work.

I can't ask you politely to do something because you wouldn't do it.

You never... You always...

You're just overreacting. You're just making a big deal out of nothing.

You're rude. You're uncooperative. You're unkind. You're just not a very nice person.

Boys don't cry.

Nice girls don't dress that way/have sex/yell/go anywhere alone.

Never hurt anyone's feelings. If you do, you're bad.

Go to therapy as long as you like, but when will you be done?

If you talk about your feelings, you're just whining. That's all they do in those support groups, anyway. They just sit around wallowing in self-pity.

Friends can't be trusted. Your friends are evil.

You're not sensible. You don't think things through.

You're ridiculous. Where did you get that crazy idea?!

Did [random suspect person] put you up to this?!

You're the Good Daughter/Wife/Girlfriend.

You're the Bad Daughter/Wife/Girlfriend.

You just need to try harder. You just need to stop letting your feelings get hurt.

Of course I love you. I wouldn't do this to you if I didn't love you.

Just because I have other partners doesn't mean I'm cheating on you.

Go ahead. Go out with your friends... and leave your family home alone!

You only like history because you're obsessed with the past. Why can't you look to the future, like me?

What's wrong with you?

You don't deserve to be forgiven. I only treat you like this because you deserve it.

I wouldn't treat you this way if you didn't need discipline.

I wouldn't keep dumping you if I didn't have to. I wouldn't keep dumping you if you didn't hurt me so much.

I wouldn't have left you if you weren't so awful.

I'd treat you better if you just tried harder.

It hurts me to love you.

I'm only doing this for your own good.

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shared by Barbara at 12:15 AM



I sense most men are pigs these days.
And I'm "a certain kind of man", who is straight.

It doesn't matter what gender someone is; if one is not sick in the head, one should feel and know abusive treatment.

Most of the time, I think the bad are in control.

6:46 AM  

How many of the phrases from this list have you heard on sitcoms? LOTS OF THEM! We make these sayings "humorous" but there is NOTHING funny about them.

We have so much education and access to knowledge yet so few things seem to be changing. Internet porn is a billion dollar a year industry and although men are the main audience, women and children are also both addicted and caught up in it. Women, men AND children, have to compete with unrealistic body ideals to order to fit in. We SAY things like "everyone is unique and special" but we then try to squeeze them into a box. We are expected to perform great feats in the bedroom, carry a full-time job, have several college degrees, be "positive" all the time, and pretend we are "normal". Children are sexualized early under so many different guises (toddlers and tiaras comes to mind), and this is considered okay. So when I read these horrific phrases I realize it is hopeless. We can't fix it people. If we took away the internet it is still too late. We can never take away all the porn or destruction. The images will forever be around somewhere, printed out, stored on dvd or thumbdrives etc. CAN ANYBODY SEE?

We only have the Lord. That's it. We keep striving, keep trying to fix all the same things that have been wrong with us (humans) since the beginning of time. It's quite simply SIN. If we spent all our time and efforts trying to ERADICATE SIN, we'd soon find out how bad off we are and have always been. Ecclesiastes 1:9 "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun."

9:39 PM  

An animal does not tolerate or abuse its offspring unless it has rabies. If a woman was raised in that environment, than it is normal to perpetuate itself. This in itself should mandate laws that domestic violence should be stopped whether the woman wants to stop it or not. There are many resources out there that were not before and granted these resources themselves are abused at times from those who purport to offer them. Which leads to the severity of the problem and those who abuse the resources that have been developed to stop domestic violence and help its victims remove themselves and protect themselves from these situations should be held accountable.

10:25 PM  

The painting of Circe poisoning the waters is a beauty. I have seen the original.

And I've heard way too many of these lines directed at me, for transgressions like taking jokes the "wrong" way, especially when they were about me or my family.

I wonder what it would be like if we all one day refused to be silenced.

3:05 AM  

My exhusbands words "It is you, you make me do this. I never did this to anyone else." We have been legally divorced for 2 years now and he finally has a girlfriend. About a month ago she sent me a message telling me how sorry she is that I had to deal with him for so long and that I allowed him to severely physically and emotionally abuse me. She said he hit her and that was it she left. I didn't want to get involved in their relationship or what seemed like past relationship. He abused me severely for 7 years... actually it wasn't really abuse, more like torture! I had 2 reactions to her message as I was biting my tongue off... 1. It really wasn't me. After years of being told it is you it's almost like you start to believe it is you. 2. She has no idea what I went through and that she's lucky she got away so quickly! Or so I thought. My exhusband sent me a message about a week ago telling me to stay out of his relationship and stop messaging his girlfriend. Apparently he found her message to me and she said I reached out to her. Such a lie but clearly she was protecting herself and I wasn't going to get involved so I appeased him by saying "okay" back. I know its not my business but she has no clue what he has in store for her. Clearly she has heard at least parts of our former relationship because of her message but is not taking the warning signs seriously. If she does or doesn't its not my decision, she clearly has seen his anger on her own. Is it wrong for me to be relieved that I now know it really wasn't me?

9:13 PM  

I am waiting for my divorce to go through. My ex and I were together for 23 years. Things got progressively worse with a combination of his military service, losing a couple of friends to suicide and the arrival of our children. He gambled all our money, spoke down to me in public and sometimes he'd snap and be physically abusive. He's going to propose to someone he barely knows as soon as the divorce goes through.
In answer to your question, I don't think there is anything wrong in feeling relieved. It sounds like a healthy step forward. Abusers tell you it's your fault so you believe it and don't leave. It seems like most don't learn from their mistakes and then repeat it with the next relationship.
Congratulations for getting out! Love & peace for your future days ��

9:38 AM  

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