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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Psychopathic VS Narcissistic Personality

by Nancy McWilliams, page 166

"Finally, there is a very close connection between psychopathic and narcissistic conditions. Both character types reflect a subjectively empty internal world and a dependence on external events. Some theorists (Kernberg, 1975; Meloy, 1988) put psychopathy and narcissism on one dimension, characterized overall as narcissistic; the psychopath is considered as on the pathological end of the narcissistic continuum.

I would argue that antisocial and narcissistic people are different enough to warrant a continuum for each. Most sociopathic people do not idealize repetitively, and most narcissistic ones do not depend on omnipotent control. But many people have aspects of both character types, and self-inflation can characterize either one.

"Because treatment considerations are quite different for the two groups (e.g., sympathetic mirroring comforts most narcissistic people but antagonizes antisocial ones) despite the things they have in common and the number of people who have aspects of each orientation, it seems to me more useful to differentiate carefully between them."

The initial murder of the serial murderer may reflect a "new identity." The pathological object-relations of narcissism and the malignant narcissism are important diagnostic indicators in the personality functioning of serial killers and the occurrence of these phenomena is a significant factor in the formation of the personalities of serial killers, their inner motivations, and their pattern of commission.

From Abstract: Child serial murder-psychodynamics: closely watched shadows.

J Am Acad Psychoanal 2001 Summer;29(2):331-8 (Turco, R.)

The key to understanding possession, says Meloy, is narcissism. "We know from the research that psychopaths have a core, aggressive narcissism that is fundamental to their personality. If you remove that narcissism, you don't have a psychopath."
Forensic psychologist J. Reid Meloy, author of a standard text on deviant criminal behavior, "The Psychopathic Mind."

Know what you are dealing with. This sounds easy but in fact can be very difficult. All the reading in the world cannot immunize you from the devastating effects of psychopaths. Everyone, including the experts, can be taken in, conned, and left bewildered by them. A good psychopath can play a concerto on anyone's heart strings.

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My ex is a narcissist with a borderline personality disorder (dual diagnosis). I didn't know about this until the magistrate order him to be evaluated during the divorce proceedings. I had only thought he had some problems that therapy could help him with. He refused to go to therapy. Now I am finding more about his problems I believe that I am luck to have survived the marriage.

1:14 PM  

Right now, I'm sitting here in what I think is the begining of my second nervous breakdown. 48 hours ago we had an argument and as usual he said (after i told him about all the crap)and digusting obese women our son found on the laptop they used not to mention it was riddle witrh viruses. i told I'm done with it all, it's over. WHY IS HW STILL HERE TORMENTING ME TO MY DEATH! This has gone on too long and long enough. Not only that, I could end up in prison because he filed jointly on his taxes and I'll have to pay $2300 by march or else! I am disabled and I only get $568 a month. HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO PAY THAT BACK WHEN THE YEAR AFTER I WON'T BE ABLE TO PAY THAT EITHER! IT'S JUST GOING TO KEEP ADDING UP! I can't do this anymore I'm braking down... Why won't anybody help or make him leave. I just want him to go away!

12:20 AM  

The last paragraph is the really scary part....they are so good at what they do. And..the more fuel they get, the more the internal monster grows...omnipotent they think they are but can fool people to think they are genuine, caring, empathetic, (and on the one I live with) Godly, individuals. They can make people believe they are the ones that are being abused. I have watched evil and it is ugly....thank you so much for this site. Tonight, after a twisted attack from my spouse, I am better able to go to bed not sobbing because of things I have learned. I just pray that a way out comes soon.....

11:24 PM  

My ex has cultivated a pristine image to the world on the net, but I know he is STEALTH!!!

2:38 AM  

To Anonymous who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or TTY 1-800-787-3224

Ask them for help. They are familiar with financial abuse.

12:15 PM  

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