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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Narcissism 101

So you're a psycho and you want to advance your studies? Take Narcissism 101.

Here's a course outline:
1. When your supply runs low - how to get an interim supply, having safe sex, getting a free ride (includes love-bombing women, seeing hookers & bragging about it, and manipulating friends, mind control, seduction and using the net to "be anyone they want you to be")

2. How to find a victim - includes loads of internet dating, hooking the co-worker, using a friend or parent, trolling online for new & old targets (reunion sites, linkedin, facebook). 
(Prostitutes when you want or need are o.k. - they "don't count'. Actually nobody 'counts' - only YOU!)

3. Checking their emotional state - includes psychological profiling. (depressed, alone, divorced, sick, abused, lonely, naive, religious, they believe there's good in everyone, etc...)

4. Finances - how to find a mate with cash, a good income, and property - in case you need someone to take care of you when you screw up. Repeatedly.

5. How to bait them - includes dressing for success, tips on pouring out your tales of woe, how your wife/ S.O. doesn't understand, you don't get enough love or sex, your job is mean to you, your parents abused you... list is endless.

6. Getting them to move in with you - includes how to get their cash and property put into your name, how to write a prep, finding a lawyer, drawing up wills, getting life insurance. Berating them so they keep trying to prove themselves by doing all the chores & heavy lifting will be included.

7. Early stages of living with them - includes going easy at first , etiquette, manners, calling the your 'soulmate', effective use of the word 'love', taking financial control, how to plan your marriage.

8. Managing your mate - includes isolation, brainwashing, coercion and persecution techniques that have a proven track record, plus how to fake a loving relationship and your OWN sanity while around them. Also, you will learn all there is about emotional terrorism.

9. Divorcing your mate - includes lists of lawyers, how to hide your accumulated wealth, having a back-up supply, projection, rallying support of family and friends.

10. Smearing your ex or ex-friends who are on to your game is important - threats, intimidation, bullying or posting lies about them online go hand-in-hand with calling them "crazy, a bitch/ bastard, stupid, obsessed with you, stalkers, scorned, jealous" and telling people they "can't let it go" after you've destroyed their life & crushed their spirit.

11. Moving on with your life - includes analyzing your situation, finding a new source, and getting your house in order all over again.

12. Find new source. Don't get help. Find new source. More than one is preferable.

The only requirement is a sick mind and a complete emotional void.


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shared by Barbara at 12:09 AM



Thanks for posting! It's all so true and sick and sad.

11:31 AM  

This amazingly SPOT on. It's the EXACT formula I swear that such a person ruining my life has taken!

Thank you for posting this.

12:07 AM  

I think I married the teacher of this class!

5:49 AM  

I too am married to the teacher of this class !! Thank you so much for posting - the validation is priceless !!

6:52 PM  

I think we ALL married the same "teacher"!
Apparently, these kind of monsters actually 'socialize together' (which surprised me). Birds of a feather...FLOCK TOGETHER!
They should get their own reality show (since its all about them anyway).
And call the 'SHOW'....CHICKEN LITTLE!

9:43 AM  

Spot on, it's all about them!!

10:14 AM  

Why did it take so long for us to recognize their sickness? Im changed petmanently bcz of him :(

7:32 PM  

I had no idea , everything listed he did and more . When he walked out, 6 months after I married him, my name was not on the business I cashed out my 401k for. He said it would "secure us for life " . His daughter told me (I called her the day after he left) she had hoped he had changed. She said to change my locks, hide me evidence , NEVER let him back in and to get ready, he was going to make me look crazy. She said he had made the entire town where they had lived think her mother was crazy . I thought that couldn't happen to me! Well, within a year he had made me look crazy and I feel I went crazy from the aftermath of his psychological torture. I ended up with severe PTSD and have been searching for a new home. I feel so lost in this world now, don't trust , don't feel. I am grateful everyday for so much. He never existed for "it" he was just an illusion to draw me in. Peace and love to all of you that have endured this pain. Never ignore one red flag.

2:37 AM  

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