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Monday, March 05, 2018

Poison: Verbal Abuse

Have you heard any of these?
"you fat ... ugly ... stupid ... moron ... c**t ... b***h ... whore... lazy ... skank ... slut ... idiot ... crazy ... psycho" (please add every obscene word you can think of here, in case I left any out).

"Shut your f**king mouth" (add any and every other way to tell another person to shut up here)

"No one in the entire world is interested in anything you think or say"

"I can't believe someone so "smart" can be so f***ing stupid"

"worthless piece of sh*t"

"no one would touch you..."

"you're a waste of human space..."

"you don't deserve to be: happy ... to live ... to have a child ... to go to school ..."

"don't you have any dreams??"

"she/he likes phone sex/ swinging/ kinky sex" (said to strangers)

"you got sick/ disabled/ injured on purpose to upset me"

"you have no idea what real work is"

"you used me & this marriage to get what you want"

"the marriage was a set up on your part, right?"

"you are a lousy mother"

"you are a sex maniac"

"you're frigid"

"you stink in bed..."

"she's obsessed with me...  she's a stalker"

"I never loved you"

"I never said that"

"She's a scorned woman/ he's just jealous"

"That never happened"

"She's out to ruin my life..."

Lots and lots of vague, weird, threatening comments and cruel words said with sweet tones - lots of psychological games (murmuring "you ugly bitch" barely loud enough for me to hear, then denying it and claiming that I was "hearing things".)

Do you think that a NORMAL, RATIONAL PERSON

Don't believe it!

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