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Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Narcissists are Projection Machines

by Kathy Krajco

Narcissists really know only a few tricks. One happens to be projection, and they practice it so much that it becomes second nature. Hence narcissists love to commit character assassination by calling the party they're tearing down (to look better than) the narcissist. A joke.

Where is the character assassination coming from? Where is the inflated measure of self importance (grandiosity) coming from? Where is the envy coming from? Where is the grandiosity shamed by needing the other party's help? Where is all the dissing and denigrating coming from? Where is the rage over nothing on a regular basis? Where is the dehumanizing charicature coming from? Who's making all the wild accusations?

That's yer narcissist. Every time. Always a living, breathing Projection Machine. Your first clue? He or she is trashing somebody else.They just cannot get the difference between true greatness and grandiosity. You can tell them a million times that grandiosity is a gross overestimate of importance and greatness. They always get it exactly backwards and accuse the great one (like the great leader or the great inventor or the great builder or the great nation = America) of being "grandiose". It is too complex an idea for them to comprehend that you are not grandiose because you are important: you are grandiose because you're a piss-ant who thinks they're important.

Never expect narcissists to comprehend that.

And who cares more about their fellow human beings than those who spend their blood and treasure saving them? Those who make a virtue out of looking the other way while dictators mass murder their own people would have us think that sacrificing your blood and treasure for others is the very opposite of what it is. They characterize it as, of all things, "selfish" and "brutal".

And the punch line is that they characterize their looking the other way as the "humanitarian" behavior. They keep a perfectly straight face while saying this! They call that (of all things) "loving peace."

Enough to make the head spin.

There is just enough room in the skull for the brain to get twisted all the way around backwards and upside down. All you have to do is arrive at your desired conclusion first, and then think backwards to justify it.

People who just think whatever is popular today will swallow it whole without ever noticing how absurd your "reasoning" is.


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Kathy Krajco. Whenever I see her name attached to something I get excited. This woman was hardcore. What do I mean by hardcore? Honest, had a gift for writing, for getting her ideas across and didn't try to water down any of the truth. What if we could teach her stuff in schools? What if you had learned this stuff BEFORE you married, gave birth to, shared your heart with, a narcissist? (I prefer the term psychopath.)

Take all the snuggle crap they shovel down our throats and give me anything written by Kathy Krajco. It will be a gem of wisdom worth savoring after all the lies and trite sayings are dead and buried.

7:25 PM  

This is from a website written BY A PSYCHOPATH. Just to get a glimpse of how they think and feel. "Psychopath or not, I have an unwavering belief in my own Goodness and Abilities. But I don't stop there. I am actually quite convinced that I am Great, and whereas I think this is probably a function of my interaction with the Culture I live in, I think the sense of being Good and Capable must be the Natural State of any living being I am quite convinced that the poisonous ideology that preaches Self Denial, Self Doubt and Selflessness is the Result of an Evolutionary Accident which will eventually be corrected as we continue the Journey of Existence.

I am not overly worried about the Survival of The Human Species, and I don't feel the slightest bit of Guilt for being so Optimistic as to think the Best in us will find a way to Survive and the Rest can go to Hell!" (Psychopathic Writings website.)

This person (psychopath) has admitted to murdering people and watching people be murdered by others. This person was in prison (I'm not sure if they still are). All psychopaths think like this. There is no hope for anyone unless we start educating people about psychopathy and what it looks like and what it means for society. Psychopaths don't CARE about future generations or the well-being of anyone else except if they can somehow use them. What if most people in our government, law enforcement, pulpits etc. were/are psychopaths? We know that just ONE psychopath in a position of authority can cause immesurable harm to many people.

One expert on psychopathy says psychopaths rarely marry/have relationships with other psychopaths. Why is this? If they think they're so great why not hang out with others like themselves? We know why. Because they can't really harm other psychopaths. Prey/meat/food is all we are to them and they don't WANT to NOT harm. THEY WANT TO HARM OTHERS. The oath doctors have to take saying that they will first do no harm. Do you think that there weren't many psychopaths who became doctors just so that they COULD harm others under the guise of being a doctor? The nazi doctors who willingly performed scientific experiments on others (not the ones who were forced to do it but WILLINGLY did it). How many of these people were just psychopaths in positions to harm hundreds of people? Have we really LEARNED anything from the Holocaust? That psychopaths in positions of authroity create insanity and can destroy entire societies.

But let's just keep pedaling the same crap that we're all the same and that love given to those who are evil will make them love in return. And let's keep telling those of us who can feel and give love to others that we are somehow to blame for this, that it's not these poor psychopaths fault they were born like this (implying its OUR fault?) and that we should shut-up and work harder and give more. Not educating people about psychopathy is doing this to us. Destroying our entire society and our future generations. 2 tim 3:1-5. Welcome to the end times.

12:51 PM  

Barbara, This may not really go with this article but it's good stuff. This is actually a review written on for the book "The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout. Here goes:"A great public awareness resource, August 16, 2012 By L. Lyssenko "L" (Seattle, WA) - review is from: The Sociopath Next Door(Paperback) I read this book some time ago and did find it a good introduction to these "types". I work in a prison and have had many, many encounters with sociopaths/psychopaths/anti-social disorders. This look into cases and general characteristics is an interesting read. The only thing I find somewhat problematic is that the author doesn't clearly clarify thatsociopaths/psychopaths/anti-socials are not all alike and therefore characteristics to look for can be ever-changing. There is no one-size-fits-all with them, mainly because they are missing a large part of a "normal" personality. They simply change according to the environment or people they're dealing with. Certainly, there are some characteristics that are often present but you may not always see them. Sociopathic/psychopathic/anti-social disordered/personality disordered people can be some of the most engaging and likable people you'll ever encounter but only when they want to be, and it will be a calculated effort on their part. What I always find so striking is how many of them do NOT give you that creepy feeling or give you any indication of being dangerous. The one primary characteristic is that they have no conscience and therefore no guilt, shame, or embarrassment for their evil thoughts/plans to tip you off to the fact you're dealing with someone who will harm you. In my experience, if you get that "creepy feeling" around someone chances are you are not dealing with a sociopath/psychopath/anti-social disorder or you have encountered one in mid-hunt. They are predators and when "hunting" they do give off a weird vibe, otherwise you may never know the kind of danger your facing when looking one directly in the eye. They always remind me of sharks patrolling the waters. Sometimes they're just cruising and other times they're hunting. If they're hunting, some people will sense the danger. If they're cruising, you may never know they're even there.
Be aware that they are indeed out there and that they actively look for victims. There are certain types of people they prefer to victimize but that can be as variable as the sociopath/psychopath/anti-socialer themselves. Your only real defense is to be discerning in who you allow yourself to be vulnerable too. Be sure you know people very, very well for a lengthy period of time before you allow them into your world and if you see anything that shows some red-flags, investigate it. Better to be safe than sorry. Even then, you can still become a victim but at least you've weeded out a lot of the less skilled socipaths/psychopaths/anti-socialers and only one of the "masters" has managed to get through. And ANYONE can be a victim to one of the master players.
This book is a good starter book on the subject for the general public on what really lurks in society. These people do exist in abundance and are in your world whether you are aware of them or not. If you want a more detailed study, and already have some knowledge of these types, there are more in depth looks at the disorder available."

8:20 PM  

I've just begun the journey of extricating myself from what I believe to be a passive-aggressive narcissist. Just from the online sites descriptive I feel they hit the nail, so to speak.
If he doesn't KNOW he is this way, there is NO way to deal with this type of behavior other than shutting completely down and relinquishing ALL control. I know. I met him in 1978-married in 1984 and to this date I have NO career/job (he once took the car away after riding me about GETTING a job and would NOT help with kids while I was at a part time job), NO friends (no one wanted to be around me if he was close - or call. I watched them slowly just vanish from my life). Family - HA only HIS! No thanks. To prevent a showdown I began to hide things. Feelings. Dreams. MY LIFE.

No longer. I filed for divorce last week. I have notified a few people that are "safe" houses. My daughter is supporting me.

But he loves his savings/money more than air and it was never mine - and never will be. This part has me a bit on edge. For in the news is a story about an ex-cop whose exwife went missing in 07, and another died. There are so many stories of husbands killing their soon to be exwives, themselves soon after - it's mind boggling.

10:21 AM  

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