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Sunday, January 07, 2018

Smear Campaigns - Part I in Series

One of the clearest indicators you’ve got a mentally unstable person on your hands is smear campaigning. Smear campaigners carefully and strategically use lies, exaggerations, suspicions and false accusations to try destroying your credibility. They hide behind a cloak of upstanding heroism and feigned innocence in an attempt to make as many people as possible think their efforts are based not on their vindictiveness, but on upstanding concern.

As a smeared person, what you are most likely “guilty” of is saying no to someone who is, in some way, failing to respect your boundaries, refusing to follow the same rules as everyone else, or someone who is spreading toxicity and manipulating. Someone entitled. Someone sneaky and vindictive. Someone who is hurting you or taking too much.

While standing up for yourself is the right thing to do, toxic people simply don’t believe you have any right to refuse their mistreatment, and they will set out to “punish” you for having any opinions that differ from theirs.

Virtually all smear campaigners can be counted on to have traits of “Cluster B” personality disorders. Narcissists and sociopaths are among the most virulent smear campaigners, and histrionic and borderline people may also opt to smear those who upset them. Not surprisingly, these four disorders are classified as the “dramatic and erratic” high-conflict personalities.

Narcissists can fly into a vindictive narcissistic rage if questioned instead of receiving compliance with their demands. Sociopaths often have anger management issues and are driven solely by their own wishes, without regard for the rights of others or for consequences. Histrionic people create drama and conflict wherever possible, and they require little to no incentive to do so. People with borderline personality disorder have difficulty controlling their emotional reactions, and may become intensely angered by what others interpret to be minor matters.

Regardless of the reason for the smearing, all smear campaigns work virtually the same way, following a very predictable pattern of the usual dirty tricks and underlying motives. Next, we’ll take a look at the anatomy of the smear campaign.


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Careful to trace back to the initial domino, instead of focusing on what may an interim or end, now amplified, domino. What I mean by that is when one has been the target of a sociopath/narc, it is extremely depleting and debilitating. This leaves one less able to self-soothe, and so, may cause one to appear histrionic or borderline. It is reasonable to be upset when one has been raped or deeply injured by another, especially the one who promised to love and cherish you. The dynamics of abuse dictate that targets have a very tough time extricating themselves from the abuse, for both mind and body reasons. The cascade of stress hormones triggered by being abused settles as very real injuries in the brain. That said, because targets are often misdiagnosed, it becomes important to speak up sooner, not later. From childhood, we have been taught the opposite, and to have a stiff upper lip. This paradigm must shift.

8:11 AM  

Thank you for the above comment.

Those of us forced to live with psychopaths are raped incessantly in most every way and must learn to pretend that this is not only not happening, but that we don't notice how insane they (psychopaths) are. This is for those of us who finally realize what is wrong. (Usually after dibilitating circumstances.) Then, if we miraculously find a way to escape, we are blamed or chided by others and when we go to seek help, often told we are hard to get along with or that our standards are too high.

MRI's screening for psychopathy could help this. Especially before marriage counseling etc. (But first, we must start screening the therapists, counselers etc. Do you see how far gone things are? Type "boundry violations" into search engine and see what comes up first, it's primarily about psychotherpy violations. We need help people!)

Yep. Just keep putting the blame on those of us with a conscience. Eventually we will break. Oh by the way, psychopaths can't really be broken. The next paragraph was copied from an article by Erica Westly titled "Psychopathy and Solitary in U.S. Prisons."

"This reminded me of an anecdote Kent Kiehl, the psychopathy researcher profiled in the New Yorker article, relayed at a talk I saw him give at last fall. One of the prisoners he had been studying had been placed into group therapy. While the therapy sessions might have helped some of the other prisoners work out their psychological issues, the psychopathy patient just used the sessions for reconnaissance. He lacked the empathy to care or understand his fellow inmates’ fears and weaknesses, and so the group therapy served an educational purpose for him: he used the new information he learned about his fellow prisoners to exploit them, preying on their weaknesses to get them to do things for him or, sometimes, just upset them for his amusement."

FYI. Kent Kiehl performs MRI's on psychopaths.

8:23 PM  

After being a victim of a smear campaign,one that i was more than expecting to happen..i can tell you, they are pure evil monsters!They do this, to try to cover-up the things that they done, while you were with them.Anyone who has an ear and willing to listen to the poor victim story, they will be more than glad to share their story with you, of how bad you done bad you are!once, my ex attempted a smear campaign at a church i once attended.Fearing i was going to expose him to those church members, he tried to ruin my name one Sunday.the preacher saw through him, called him out on what he was doing!!! he blew up at the preacher and cursed him out! I think that let the congragation know, who was mental...who was insane...and who was violent!The very things he was trying to claim i had been to him, he proved to be in that church that morning.HIS PLAN WAS TO MAKE ME LOOK BAD BEFORE THEM PEOPLE, BUT HE WAS THE ONE LOOKING BAD BEFORE THEM PEOPLE!

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