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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


(the following is from a victim who left her abuser. They are now wrangling over property.... which includes their daughter. To an abuser - anyone & anything is an object with no free will)

If you want our daughter - she is mine.

If you want our house - its mine.

Because I wanted a new car - it was mine (but I did it only "for the family")

Because I wanted a new house - I'll keep it now.

Because you wanted out - you have no life, you are still mine and you do as I say.

Because I want our daughter/son - she/he is mine.

Because I am a great dad - you are automatically a bad mom.

Because you made me give up anything - I will pay you back and smash the house to pieces, before you get it.

Because I want to keep the car (which is mine), I won't pay the mortage.

Because I now have to pay you child support, you should be greatful for that money - because it is really mine.

Because I am her father - she is mine (at any costs) She is mine, she is mine - you will never have her, I'll tell everyone what a bad mother you really are - she is mine anyway.

If you want the house - come and get it, I changed the locks so you can't get in.

If you want to leave my country and need a suitcase - come and get it. I won't even let you.

You are mine until we die and I am so glad that you are gone, I'll pay you back for leaving me.

She is mine, I'll never let her live with you.

She is mine, I'll never agree to any school that you like because she is mine.

I am the best father, just look at me!

Look, I bought her a bike, a new toy - just look at the trashy clothes you wear.

You will never amount to anything.

You are useless. You are 'dopey'.

You need to get therapy, because you say that I drive too fast.

She is mine, she is mine - you'll never have her.

I'll drive as fast as I like and cut off any creep that cuts in, pay him back what he deserves.

Anyone who comes near my daughter will be shot.

She is mine, she is mine.

I am sick off you, I am glad you are gone, I hate the sight of you.

She is mine, she is mine.

(note: women can be just as abusive & narcissistic as men)

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Well said my friend,
Dont you know everyTHING is theirs? This of course includes children. I left everyTHING, and it was substantial, thinking hed leave me and my children go if I did. WRONG. I had the audacity to go, I too was a possession, and the kids, well you see this in action. We must persist, educate ourselves and our children on WHAT we are dealing with and keep going forward into our lives. LIVE> not just survive each day like we used to. )))))

8:51 AM  

Wow. What a powerful piece of writing. I am sorry for the mother, the child and all mothers and children who must endure the horrible cruelty of this man and other people (men or women) like him.

4:05 PM  

This is something that has happened to my girlfriend. I love her dearly. I try my best to make hey happy but her mom and dad emotionally abuse her. This sounds just like her dad...

6:52 AM  

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