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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Protecting Yourself After Abuse

by Jeannette Stingley

When you finally get away from your abuser, it is possible to keep him/her from finding you or ruining your credit. One of the first things you should do if you haven’t already is relocate yourself and your children if you haven’t already. Move across town, across the state, even to another state if you have to. Have your phone number unlisted. There is a small fee for this service in some areas but it is worth it.

Obtain a PO Box to receive your mail at. To prevent him/her from stealing mail and creating accounts in your name, invest in a paper shredder! This is one of the easiest ways to protect you from any kind of identity theft.

There are programs in some states that have what is called an address confidentiality program where victims of crime can receive mail at a confidential address while their actual address is never disclosed.

Create new email accounts and only tell trusted family and friends this new address. Make sure to change passwords to any account online that your abuser may use to track you. It may be hard to avoid sites like  FaceBook or online blogging sites. Anything that will give away your identity should be avoided for awhile. You can make anonymous accounts but some places may require you post a picture of yourself. This will make it one step easier for him/her to find you.

Covering Your Internet Tracks - An article that further discusses ways to keep your activities online away from your abuser. This is particularly helpful if you visit sites like this one to find information on leaving and protecting yourself.

For immediate help in making decisions to protect yourself, call any local domestic violence shelter or 1-800-799-SAFE the National Domestic Violence Hotline


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I would love if you could check out the post I just did about a victim of domestic violence in 2002 who got a U Visa.

She pushed hard and now she feels in control of her life again.

4:54 PM  

I'm surpised there are victims of abuse who get out and have any credit left. I think that may be the exception to the rule.

6:34 PM  

My brothers and I were abused, emotionally and physically, when we were growing up. I've just started a blog to sort through the aftermath of that abuse in my relationships as an adult.

Maybe other survivors can relate.

3:53 AM  

i am so abused and my life infilrated that whether it be a blog, facebook, twitter, or any other way i try to reach out, my posts are deleted. but i never give up....and it fuels my motivation to hard copy a book. and what A memoir that will be. all sorts of licenses will fly. because for sport and fun, greed and jelousy, codes N creeds of decency are being broken all over the place. whoever stole my 30 pain pills. the emts who made me, in shock, walk to the leaving it hear. As a POST CANCER, ostomy pt. i was bullied And fired. 23 yrs of nursing. abuse of the disAbled must....must stop.

12:19 AM  

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