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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Repetition Compulsion

(Are you repeating the same issues & problems in your relationships? Seem to be caught in a cycle of the same abuses over & over? It may be REPETITION COMPULSION.)

[Victims] can also be caught in the grip of a repetition compulsion. They repeat the same pattern again and again in their attempt to master their anxiety and cope with the trauma they feel. Characteristically, the repetition compulsion takes on a life of its own. Rather than feel calmer and therefore have a diminished need to be controlling, their behavior locks them into the same pattern in an insatiable way.

Successes at controlling do not register on their internal scoreboard. They have to fight off the same threat again and again with increasing rigidity and intransigence.

by Thomas J. Schumacher, Psy.D., R-CSW

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