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Saturday, June 02, 2018

Honeymoon Mania

The Male Abuser's Best Weapon

by Donna Canfield

This book was written to provide hope and inspiration to the millions of women involved in abusive relationships. Understanding the abusive relationship and the mighty fix of the abuser, the honeymoon, should provide them with a clear understanding of why they have stayed in their nightmarish relationships. Even more important, this book may help them gain the strength to seek help or get out, instead of being part of the horrifying statistics these types of relationships breed. Because it is important to get out in the safest manner possible, I discuss how to plan their escape.

If women decide to get out of your abusive relationship, their life can be good. It will take some work to get back the person they lost in the relationship, "their real self," but they will. Knowing how to carry on their new life when they do leave is very important. I want them to understand who they are, how to make it on their own, what a good relationship is like, how to choose a good partner, and the important factors involved in remarriage if they decide to remarry.

Women must stop the vicious cycle now. They must change their life before they become more emotionally or physically abused or are killed by their lover. I want abused women to see the word peace over the front door of their home each time they enter. That is what they deserve. That is what they can have.

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I'm actually sick reading this article, it's so dead on to my life and my marriage from the story at the dinner table to the finances to the fact that his co workers and friends think he's the best hard working guy,and we have the best life. I just want the a way out, I know it will be the hardest scariest thing I've ever done.

12:04 AM  

I feel the exact same way. This article is dead on! My husband is the most abusive person I know.

3:05 AM  

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