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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Why Women Cheat
By Laura Snyder

You guys make it sound like you have to cheat. And you love to blame your wandering ways to genetics. Well, sit down, buddy, because according to most research, women are closing the gender gap when it comes to fooling around. Some polls even claim upwards of 60 percent of women cheat on a mate.Why would she do such a thing? Well, it's not her genes...

You Stopped Paying Attention

Of course she wanted to be your sex kitten when you were still plying her with compliments, planning romantic dinners, and surprising her with smooth sex moves. But now that you think you don't need to buy her dinner to get her in bed, she's wondering if she can't do a little better than you.

You Changed...Or Your Relationship Did
You got meaner. Or messier. Or suddenly decided that getting your lazy butt off the couch long enough to grab another beer from the fridge was suitable exercise for the day. While it's good to feel comfortable in your relationship, it doesn't give you permission to let yourself go. Unless you want to let her go.

You Cheated On Her

You got busted banging some other babe and now your gal wants to get even. Sadly, some chicks see your infidelity as a "get out of jail free" card that lets her indulge her own cheatin' heart without the consequences. There's a simple prevention method here: Don't cheat. And if you do, you'd better be unwaveringly reassuring in your feelings of remorse and reform. And maybe buy her something expensive and sparkly.

The Grass is Greener

Just like she'll cheat on her diet to taste that eclair, she might be tempted to treat herself to that tasty new guy in her office just because he's there and looking delicious. Maybe she's bored. Or maybe he's really the man of her dreams. (Hey, we said we'd tell you why women cheat; we didn't say you'd like all the reasons).

She's Just Evil

Some babes are just always looking out for the better deal. She could get off on the illicit thrill of flirting with the forbidden; she could just like toying with nice boys like you. Either way, your solutions are clear. Dump the dame or resign yourself to frequent screenings for STDs.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Deadly affairs
May 19, 2004

Having an affair can be quite literally deadly, according to a German study released today showing unfaithful men are more likely to die during sex than their loyal counterparts.

After searching through nearly 30,000 post-mortems covering three decades, researchers at the Centre for Forensic Medicine in Frankfurt noticed 60 cases where someone died while having sex.

Of those, 56 were men who had heart attacks - and of those, only one in four died in the arms of their spouse or partner.

"More than half of them lived their last hour in the arms of a lover or at the brothel," the Bild der Wissenschaft magazine reported.

Apart from those who died with their partner, the remainder passed away in the act of masturbation.

The researchers could only speculate on the reason why a disproportionate number of men died with lovers than with partners, suggesting that it may be because they were putting extra strain on their system by trying harder.


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