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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Why Do Abusive Men Abuse?

(we have used the male gender, your abuser could be female)
('battering' can be extended to verbal, emotional & psychological abuse)

Abusive men batter women as a means of power and control, to manipulate, intimidate and rule their intimate partner.

Men who abuse their partners come from all races, religions, socioeconomic classes, areas of the world, educational levels and occupations.

They often appear charming and attentive to outsiders, and even to their partners, at first.

Many batterers are very good at disguising their abusive behavior to appear socially acceptable. Once they develop a relationship with a partner however, they become more and more abusive.

Characteristics of Domestic violence perpetrators:
seek control of the thoughts, beliefs and conduct of their partner.
punish their partner for resisting control.

Men who batter:
minimize the seriousness of their violence.
act impulsively.
distrust others.
need to control people and situations.
express feelings as anger.

A batterer covers up his violence by denying, minimizing, and blaming the victim. He often convinces his partner that the abuse is less serious than it is, or that it is her fault. He may tell her that "if only" she had acted differently, he wouldn't have abused her. Sometimes he will say, "You made me do it."

Victims of abuse do not cause violence. The batterer is responsible for every act of abuse committed.

Domestic violence is a learned behavior. It is learned through:
community (peer group, school, etc.).

(Personality disorders, mental illness, and other problems may compound domestic violence, but the abusive behavior must be addressed separately. )

Abuse is NOT caused by:

mental illness.
alcohol and drugs.
out-of-control behavior.
behavior of the victim.
problems in the relationship.

Many men blame their violence on the effects of drug and alcohol use.
Alcohol abuse is present in about 50 percent of battering relationships.
Research shows that alcohol and other drug abuse is commonly a symptom of an abusive personality, not the cause. Men often blame their intoxication for the abuse, or use it as an excuse to use violence. Regardless, it is an excuse, not a cause. Taking away the alcohol, does not stop the abuse.

Substance abuse must be treated before or in conjunction with domestic violence treatment programs.

A batterer abuses because he wants to, and thinks he has a "right" to his behavior. He may think he is superior to his partner and is entitled to use whatever means necessary to control her.

Some ways batterers deny and minimize their violence:
"I hit the wall, not her head."
"She bruises easily."
"She just fell down the steps."
"Her face got in the way of my fist."

Characteristics of a Potential Batterer
Controlling behavior
Quick involvement
Unrealistic expectations
Isolation of victim
Blames others for his problems
Blames others for his feelings
Cruelty to animals or children
"Playful" use of force during sex
Verbal abuse
Rigid sex roles
Jekyll and Hyde type personality
History of past battering
Threats of violence
Breaking or striking objects
Any force during an argument
Objectification of women
Tight control over finances
Minimization of the violence
Manipulation through guilt
Extreme highs and lows
Expects her to follow his orders
Frightening rage
Use of physical force
Closed mindedness

Abusers often try to manipulate the "system" by:
Threatening to call Child Protective Services or the Department of Human Resources and making actual reports that his partner neglects or abuses the children.

Changing lawyers and delaying court hearings to increase his partner's financial hardship.

Telling everyone (friends, family, police, etc.) that she is "crazy" and making things up.

Using the threat of prosecution to get her to return to him.

Telling police she hit him, too.

Giving false information about the criminal justice system to confuse his partner or prevent her from acting on her own behalf.

Using children as leverage to get and control his victim.

Accusing her of stalking him and/or his family

Accusing her of harrassment

Abusers may try to manipulate their partners, especially after a violent episode.

He may try to "win" her back in some of these ways:
Invoking sympathy from her, her family and friends.
Talking about his "difficult childhood".
Becoming overly charming, reminding her of the good times they've had.
Bringing romantic gifts, flowers, dinner.
Crying, begging for forgiveness.
Promising it will "never happen again."
Promising to get counseling, to change.
Abuse gets worse and more frequent over time

Lies Abusers Tell
Abusers often tell lies about their violence to themselves (their partners and society):

"I just need to be understood".

"I had a bad childhood."

"I can't control it."

"I get angry."

"She fights too."

"She pushes my buttons."

"If I don't control her, she will control me."

"My smashing things isn’t abusive, it’s venting."

"I have a lot of stress in my life."

"I just have an anger management problem."

"I just have a problem when I drink or use drugs."

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shared by Barbara at 12:37 AM



I was abused and I finally put a STOP to it. He's been court ordered to stay away from me, my family, friends and can not contact me by any means. My ex was extremely manipulative and he would blame me for his abuse. He told lies about me to his friends and family and created stories so they would feel sorry for him. A therapist once told me that he fits the stereotype of a serial killer.

He would beat me up and later call the police and tell them that I hit him. He would have scratches on his hands but it was only from me trying to push him away. He would do this everytime to me. When the police would show up, they would want to arrest me. I lived in fear and felt no one would protect me from this monster.

Later, my ex would come to me and tell me how much he "Loved" me and wanted us to get help. That he gets hurt and angry because he "felt" I never really listen to him and that he does not feel "loved" by me. He would say all this while crying on his knees and I would feel horrible.

When I asked why he'd call the police, he'd say it was because he didn't want anyone of us to get hurt. Interesting, because he never told the police that he hit me. It was always portrayed as me hitting him.

He would then be loving and extremely affecionate for a few days. Slowly he would revert to showing signs of irritation, stress and anger. He would start by breaking things, throwing things and driving recklessly. Of course, I would question if he was okay or what was wrong and his answer would always be that he felt that I didnt understand and he had a lot of pressure on him.

My ex was here on a temporary work Visa. He was from Denmark and was trying to get a greencard. He abandoned his child and stole $150K from a bank which he was wanted for.

The pressure he was facing was not wanting to go back to Denmark. He had no income there and at least here in the US he could create a new "life" or "persona" since no one would know his real story except me. I found out through his estranged father.

Yep, this whole family is a mess!! His father was put in a mental institution, his older brother is an alcoholic, mother a prostitute.

I was lucky to get out!! He would threaten to kill me and that no one would know it was him, cause he could just go back to Europe. This is the fear he instilled in me. I felt trapped. This man has tried so hard to screw up my mind, he's played so many games. I was lucky I got out when I did.

I sometimes wish there was a law in place, where you can check to see if someone has been arrested for domestic violence or has any history of violence from any Country around the world.

I'm glad to say that I am blessed to be a survivor and that I made the decision to leave and to protect myself. I do also believe in Karma, so I am sure that this individual will never live a complete life.

1:27 PM  

I think a violence registry is a terrific idea..just like a sex offender registry. Both are dangerous issues that ppl deserve to be warned of! My father is an abusive low life and I am ever grateful that I found a good boyfriend to take care of me. But I am not totally at ease because he is still abusing my mom and she refuses to leave! He has tried to kill her several times! :-(

4:11 PM  

I left my abusive husband less than a year ago. I am sure now that he is an abuser, though I used to wonder. Even after I was assessed as high risk by a DV advocate, I still doubted. Once in a while I still wonder because he is still crying and getting sympathy from friends. He keeps telling me that I should know that he has change and hasn't been abusive, yet he has been psychologically very abusive post-separation.

I wonder if being BPD makes one act like an abuser but he can't help it, because he really can't see it? I know it sounds like I am making excuses for him again, but he keeps pleading with me not to believe that abusers never change. He says he is really trying and can't see what he is doing wrong.

BTW, I think that there is now a move to have a domestic violence registry in Australia, so that if a person moves to another state, the records are there. I am not sure whether it is law yet.

7:49 AM  

I am in a very abusive relationship my husband of 22years has been abusing me from 1996 I am now scared of him. He lies about it and claims that I am evil to be making up these story about him and that I want to destroy him. Rape is a norm for me now and I am just relieved when it is over. The abuse involves verbal of the worst kind he uses derogatory word to describe me accuses me of infidelity which I have never done, He physically abuse me as well. I am just frustrated. The sad thing is that I am not depended on him I am a professional in a very good job and i was the one who assisted him to be where he is now. The house is mine and he refuses to leave now he has taken over the entire house and I am just allowed one room.

9:55 PM  

Please get out of your situation, even if it means giving up your house for a while. I stayed for 32 years, and the abuse just continued to the point where I was almost killed. An argument escalated to physical violence. He slammed my head repeatedly on the floor. After the last blow, he held so much pressure on my skull I thought it was going to fracture. I ended up with a brain hemorrhage requiring surgery, 12 days in ICU, 2 spinal taps to relieve increasing intracranial pressure, an a long recovery. My physcial health has returned but emotionally I am scarred. I am in therapy and working towards inner peace but that path is more difficult than the physical therapy. I never though it could happen to me, please protect yourself, a house is not worth your mental and physical well being, or your life.

6:35 AM  

Wow . Still in abusive relationship. I have no family. Parents r dead. I have nowhere to go and I do not work. I am 8 years older w 2 kids at home and hate my life. I work out a lot to keep pain at a distance. I told him I hated him today that he's fat bald with smelly feet and if course I got called a psycho and a skank. He has not ever I clouded me in finances. Hate him for that. Went on cruise to Europe recently and I got kicked around in bathroom. Hit like a dog. I'm 56 years old. He threatens to destroy me if I leave and I do believe that. He's a porn addict. Caught him. It was funny. Lol
Quiet. He said he would never forgive me for saying I hated him yet for 18 years I'm suppose to forgive him after the beatings. Too funny . I don't look my age and I take good care of myself. I suppose I should just go have an affair and do my own thing. Women get out before its too late. If u have support then run to them. I have no one. I'm in a downward spiral of hell. Right now so hurt just don't want to move.

6:24 PM  

My heart breaks for these women - my abusive husband was arrested thank god but he is still very dangerous. Keep faith that you WILL survive and get some counselling, help, read, and envision yourself free. I pray alot for guidance. Yoga helped me, lots of exercise and just waiting for the shoe to drop and trying to be ready.

10:19 AM  

Just left....after he had to spend a few nights in jail for domestic abuse on a vacation. I've been staying at friend houses until I move into own place. He also bashed my head on the ground. I finally have hope. Material possessions can be replaced. My life can't and if I go back he will kill me next time. Get out while you can

5:28 AM  

I am shocked that today we have no fault divorce so that an abuser who has been repeatedly violent can still get more than half the assets. I say MORE than half because he took out all the finances and savings, emptied my 401K and my inheritance monies, in addition by lying to the judge saying I was crazy has had to pay no support payments. I am shocked. There is no support. I have copies of legal documentation yet the judge believes his Excel document he typed up??? What is happening in Indiana? They say no fault so the fact that he is violent does not matter. And he is so charming, even when he violated the protective order when I was in the hospital the judge did not find him in contempt after all I must be crazy. Although I have taken time to be assessed by a psychiatrist and found totally sane still this persists. WHY DO WE HAVE NO FAULT in these cases there should be FAULT. HE removed all the furnishings and computer equipment for my business. I have no business left. I have nothing but my life. After fifteen months of constantly calling the police because he vandalizes my property and they come out and say no one is here now. I am frustrated and believe there is no help in the United States. I think my only defense is self defense and never getting married. I had my own home and money before marriage. After twenty years I have nothing and am on the street. Thanks to our social system which allows these abusers (even after being found guilty three times of violence against women reduced to misdemeanors) run free.

2:27 PM  

Its very hard leaving but this sounds just like what i just got out of. i am staying out of the town and trying to stay close to my children. He had threatened that i would never see them again thank god they were not fathered by him.

7:31 PM  

Im currently in an abusive relationship. We met in college and have been dating for nearly four years. Initially he was quite the charmer.he sent me sweet texts about how wonderful I was and assured me he would be my prince charming. After about two years I caught him cheating and that's when the subtle abuse began.he shoved me and pushed me around. Over time the cheating has become more common and so has the abuse. He thrown me against the wall and floor punched me in the head several times and recently choked me to near death. The only problem is me and my family haven't gotten along since we've been together. And I don't want to live with them again due to the rift he caused between us. I recently graduated college and I'm unemployed so I practically rely on him and my parents for everything. I really wanna leave but I feel like I have no place to go. And he just continues to reassure me it will never happen again although he seen a therapist and change is always temporary even after his supposed breakthroughs. Im currently in debate do I just wait till I start working on my own and move out or just go back to my parents who's an hour away

10:06 AM  

Our close friendship makes me believe him every time he says he'll change. But the abuse only gets worst.

10:10 AM  

I was swept by my second husband like my knight in shining armor. He had sexual addictions from pornography, prostitution, online dating, sexting name it he does it. He replaced me with a younger woman soon to be wife number 3 who looked like his daughter. I dont know if he would hit her or be faithful to her. If he met his match then he will probably bow down. He abandoned me, I currently am unemployed no source of income and living with a friend. He got away with it with me. So justice was not served.

12:45 AM  

I just recently left an abusive situation. I have experienced much violence and it has been escalating for years. The abuse has been physical.... I have been punched, choked, pushed against walls and to the ground, grabbed/pulled, etc. I have also been cut down, and made to feel like I am doing things wrong all the time. He accuses me of cheating on him even though I never did. But he has convinced himself.... So it is very frustrating because I can't argue with him, he will not hear or see reason. As far as he is concerned I did it (even though it never happened). He gets enraged sometimes and yells at me "why don't you just admit it?". I can't admit to something that didn't happen, and this seems to make him angrier.. I truly believe he tries so hard to get this so called "confession" and wants me to say this just so that he can justify beating me and killing me. He needs an excuse that will justify him going off the deep end, this is what he really wants. The last straw was a major fight last week. I got pushed and eventually choked, which really scared me. I bit him to get away and managed to grab spare keys and get to my car to escape. He had taken my cell phone, it was hidden and police found it the next day. He jumped on the hood of my car, smashed my windshield and ripped off the wipers....and this man thinks I am the one who is crazy! I have a protective order right now but still am too scared to stay at the house as I think he will eventually come back there. He is manipulative and will try to sweet talk now if he can even though he has now been charged. I do not underestimate his ability to charm and persuade people...he will appear very remorseful for awhile, but I have seen this too many times now to know that won't last. Everytime this happens and I forgive him eventually it happens again. And it has really escalated. So this time I decided enough is enough! It is hard living out of a suitcase and I am upset that I have to go through a divorce and leave my home just to be and feel safe again. It is not fair, and I am afraid of what is yet to come (I am sure he will get enraged and become vindictive once he realizes his tears are not going to work this time). However my friends and family are keeping me strong this time so I don't go back. I know there is no going back....he has gotten smarter about the way he abuses me now and is better at hiding the abuse (choking instead of punching for example) and he also does things like trying to hide my phone now (so I can't call for help) and taking my purse or keys (so I can't leave). He has tackled me on the lawn trying to prevent me from getting in my car. It's crazy! So I know that now that he has charges and I am going to leave him for good I am sure he will snap. However I need to do this regardless....the way I see it the situation is no more dangerous than if I stayed because eventually he would go too far and kill me. Anyone who sees signs of an abuser please leave. There were signs early on that I ignored...I told myself they were no big deal and he would get better. Well now I can tell you it got progressively worse. And these kind of people do not usually get me we tried couples counsellung and he did some anger management but obviously that didn't work.....I think it only works if your abuser can admit what he is doing is wrong. In my case(as in many cases) he thinks I deserve the abuse, and my actions cause him to lose control (if you wouldn't yell and scream I wouldn't do this). So if the abuser is in denial and thinks they have done nothing wrong then the counsellung won't really work. So my advice is get out if you are with an abuser.... It's no way to live. Seek help and get out.

11:52 AM  

I just went thru my final fight with this schizo psycho man. He would say horrible things and insult me, my friends and my family. From the very beginning he was physically free with the pushing and the verbal abuse was horrific but his excuse was a drinking problem. He no longer drinks but it became even worse.The first time was a punch in the face. I am a 5'1", 95lb woman. This last time he trapped me in our home and proceeded to beat me up severely, leaving me with a split lip and a chipped tooth. When I tried to leave and run he threw me on the ground, choked me and nearly killed me. My jaw and nose are swollen and painful and I am just lucky they are not broken.His excuse? Work stress. And the absurdness! He asks can't we just work this out? and then "I will get help." i hope he rots in hell. My only saving grace is his fear of the police and the fact that if he is found to have done this again he will go to jail.And the funny part is I am not financially dependent on him. I have more than he does.I am sick with disgust at myself for putting up with it for over a year. My advice is run if a guy wants to get serious faster than is comfortable and do not feel sorry for the numerous problems he "needs you" to help him handle. He is a loser hence the problems.

12:38 AM  

Some of these stories are alarming. I admire the people that have managed to get out and I hope this site inspires those of you who feel you can't leave to get out. Start telling people around you what is going on. I met someone I hadn't seen for over twenty years and agreed to meet him. When I wouldn't change my flight as everything had to be on his terms. .he called me up and was very abusive. I never got on the flight and he offered to pay it back...I told him to use it to get professional help. .as I see it as a way of him still trying to get in touch. I also emailed him my thoughts on him as prior to me flying out he had labelled me as demanding when I had never asked for anything. I told him I feel in a rage he would be willing and able to smack a woman. And I wouldn't be surprised if he had beaten his ex wife. It was uplifting being able to say it as it was as I told him he is a rejected mental case and an embarrassment to himself. Stay strong and lookout for the red flags.

4:09 PM  

I.have a child with an abusive alcoholic. Ive always kind of had low self esteem i grew up.with out a father and was a methed.out escort so any self esteem i.had left from a bad childhood is now completley gone. I did manage to get cousins grand parents took me n my My abusive ex was horrible he wud chip my self esteem by alwaysputting me down and used my childhood agaisnt me ive told him thing in confidense just to have it thrown in my face day after day. He would ruin all my belongings he would throw out my.birth control.n call me a whore.fir using it he wouldnt use condums and wud try to impregnate me he excuse that if he had a child then it would motivate him to quit drinking i could have had an abortion a friend was willing to help pay for it but i just.didnt go throw wit it becausebi felt.guilty. He would beat me.up when i was pregnant i left and then he said.he would stop drinking which he did butbthen he picked up a weed.habit and all the money wud go to that i think he wad on coke too he got really skinny eventually he went drinking. He would get so drunk n pee him self or.some where eles other.then the.bathroom. If i complained about i.would get hit. He didnt want me to work he wouldnt help take care of the baby i also think he was a sex addict hed leave to go to the bar alot n was on alit of dating sites lieing about his age and all sorts of ridiculous things. Right now im goung for sole custody.because on his visitation i went to go pik up my son whose not even two yet to.find his father passed.out drunk my son was filthy im just glad my son is, ok. He uses his son to control me after tge fact. Hes a complete asshole badically and not very.bright. Anyone that reads this these people are sick in the head and its never their fault as they claim. They are losers that.find good hearted women that will keep firgiving them but all that does is make it eadier for them to dcrew u over. To hell with.m

10:53 PM  

I am in an abusive relationship with my childhood best friend. it just keeps getting worse. i love him but i have pushed away my family and even children. i am scared to staty but even more scared to leave.

10:43 AM  

I am 19. I met my ex three months after turning 18 and getting my first job. He was 27. I came from a broken family and never had a boyfriend or true friend. After knowing him for a week he told me to move in. He encouraged me to leave my minimum waged job to be a stripper. He convinced me that he was helping me because when he was my age he made mistakes and wanted me to do things right. He would tell me if I didn't strip we couldn't be together.We were only together for 14 months but the abuse started after a month in. At first it was a slap,then it turned to him throwing me on the floor,hitting me with fists,choking and kicking me. He said I knew what to do to make him frustrated and made him like that. If he misplaced the keys or something even out of his or my control, he would take it out on me. His verbal abuse made it even worse. He told me I was his baby but wouldn't hesitate to call me bitch or hoe,he wished HIV and death upon me. He would say I don't listen to him,he would ask a question and if I didn't answer he would count down and say it would be really bad if I didn't answer.He would tell me no one would ever love me like he did. I believed him. He was my first love. Every time i would leave he would beg me to come back. He has cut up my Louis Vuitton purse, my uggs, threw my stuff outside. I recall once he sent me to our bedroom like a dog after I laughed at him in front of his friend. Our dog would sometimes pee or poop in our apartment and he would get overly angry. He would spank the dog excessively,the most recent time he spanked and threw our little dog against the couch now he only walks on three of his legs. I have just left the situation after him choking, hitting and berating me. He got arrested, but I feel so sad for him. I hate that he treated me so badly but I know he just needs help. He has deep issues.I wish he would've let me help heal his heart.

10:22 AM  

Its not always the man who abuses women intend to abuse men as girlfriend verbally abuses me daily calling me a peace of shit that I'm worthless and so on and I can't do nothing about it

12:16 PM  

Looking at all these posts ... frightens me. I may get flack for this but i was actually the abuser in my last relationship. For 4 years i was mentally abusive towards my ex and would constantly look up porn and flirt with her friends and girls. It wasnt until Everything came to a head the last 6 months that things got worse. I hit her 3 times and after the 3rd time we both called it quits. But just recently she found out she was pregnant with my kid. After a month she told me she wants to get back together with me for our daughter. I feel it is a bad idea and i do not want to go down that road again. I am currently going to therapy and searching for peace with myself. While i would love nothing more than to go back with her i feel it would be best to stay single and just help pay child support and take care of the baby. Its ok to feel sorry for someone thats abused you but do not show them you are. They will take advantage of it and wring you back in. I have nightmares thinking of how things could have gone worse and how badly i treated my ex.

7:32 PM  

Wow, never did I think the face of abuse would be my own! I had a great career, was a leader in my community, had a great house, land, car, loyal child/ canine companion & countless suitors trying to woo me! I fell for the most charismatic, brilliant, author, PHD, narcissist evil man who has literally leveled my life! It was almost as though falling in love with him was not a choice...I was quickly pressured to quit my career, move out of state & sell all of my assets & belongings that didn't fit in my SUV and callously re-home my gorgeous doggie-love...."it's just a dog" , "not as important as real human relationships", right? The jealously, mistrust & control started during the 2 months it took me to shitcan my past life, I didn't see it & was always convinced it was my fault. My Prince Charming guilted me, suddenly needed loans, pursued a lavish lifestyle, eating out, staying in the best hotels, "helped" me blow through the $50,000 I had in my checking account plus the $20,000 line of credit at my bank. But Hey, he was a successful Dr. & would take care of me...I just had to smile & be a trophy wife. Yay, for me...I needed a break as I'd been working my ass off since I was 15. Fast forward 8 years... My alcoholic brilliant man can't keep a professorship job, I'm in a new career field (wasn't allowed to pursue what I shine at due to his jealousy) & I'm living in a 600 sq ft studio condo, paying all of the bills. most of the remaining possessions I brought to the relationship have been broke, donated without my consent or thrown out our high rise window. I have a permanent dent in my forehead, deviated septum, broken left cheek and am not allowed to be "thin" at a level that's comfortable & natural to me because "it makes me too attractive." "You're a Buddha Fat Fuck" ( yes I'm quoting) insults are frequent along with so many other put downs, accusations of lying and twisted words used against me when I calmly and objectively try to tell him how I'm hurting. Yay for me, I married a Doctor!

12:49 AM  

Okay im in a relationship of 3 years everything from the beginning was jealousy on both sides. Weve been trying to make it work but nothing things just seem to go more down hill everyday. Hes more jealous today then three years ago. Everything for him is a problem that he says that I created. If im not in his line of sight to know everything then im cheating, or talking with someone. He has a problem with my phone thinking im texting someone and a few days ago he broke it so bad that it looked like a car ran over it that was with only one throw. He got mad that I made him buy another one because I use the daily to keep in contact with my job. Lately I hear that he doesnt care if I lose my job. Im not trying to completely bash him because there is a lot of good in him as well and has helped me a lot more than any guy has even done for me. My family and kids love him to death and I know there are guys out there that are way worse. There is no physical abuse but mostly verbal and it does still hurt. God bless all the women that shared the stories and your all im my prayers. Some times you feel like your alone because lets face who would really understand if they havent walked in your shoes to know what your really going through. I have no one to vent to when im feeling down and depressed.

7:00 PM  

I am so tired of this crap. My ex-boyfriend beat then sh*t out of me and stole all my money. I called the cops 2 days later - when I could walk again - and they tried telling me it was "too late" to file a report I had to call within 24 hrs. Bullish*t. Had to threaten them to get the report filed. 4 months later he violated a protective order tried to steal my car punched me in the face and banged my head on the pavement. Hospital called the cops 3 times and they never showed up. As far as I'm concerned I dont think "domestic violence" should even exist. Just treat the abuser as if he were a stranger committing the crime. Fu*king a guy doesnt mean hes entitled to beat on you and it shouldnt be treated differently (meaning less seriously). Why is it I could say I want to kill the president, and go to jail for 10 years, when its just talk - but a guy who has seriously hurt me and threatened to kill me is out on $100 bond? And then gets probation? Wtf is wrong with this country?

3:43 AM  

Go live with your parents. Don't stay with somebody that's abusing you just because "it'll better the situation" because it wont. It'll eventually get worse.

8:09 PM  

OMG I'm so glad I read all the comments! I have been living in the pit of hell for 27 years! I can really relate to all of the horrific things posted. I too have been physically and emotionally abused. I'm ready for a change in my life.

6:24 PM  

I left an abusive relationship recently and moved back with my family while I'm home from college. We were together for 4 years. He ruined many relationships including the one with my family. Once you leave - your relationship with your family will mend. They are the ones who truly love you. Leave before it gets worse.

10:08 AM  

Staying or leaving your always scared.
Leaving with a safety plan is the best way.
There is strength and support for you!
Isolation is horrible I am sure there is more to your situation. You are not alone!
Be strong have faith. I will pray for you if u don't mind.

10:34 PM  

i feel deeply sad for all of the abused on here-including men-there is no reason innocent people deserve such horrible shit...not just because i am abused myself...btw i have no help from anyone including cops. evrey damn day/night i wonder if i will die any minute

11:18 PM  

I am so glad to read all this. I thought I am the crazy one in my relationship. My Prince Charming is loved by everyone, flirting with every woman at the grocery store, at parties. He makes promises, presents himself in shiny light, is god gift to the universe. He blames everyone else for his failure in life. He cant keep any promises towards me, is beating me up, grabbing me, pushing me, pulling my hair. The moment we moved in was when he changed. Nothing he says is true. He lies about me to his friends and family so they are sorry about him. He is threatening to call the police cause "I am a cunt, and I am threatening him and I am a danger to him'. He calles me names and is blackmailing me for money. Nothing he ever said is true - he is fraud.

11:44 PM  


11:22 PM  


11:31 PM  

Help your mum get a plan to leave without him knowing. Put some money aside where he wont find it and find a place for her with someone he doesn't know. She needs an exit plan, help her!!!

2:50 AM  

Your choice is to leave him now or stay, have kids with him, then wonder how youre going to get out later. He has cheated on you, abused you - what are you waiting for? Next step is hospital, or years of depressing loneliness while he gradually tightens his grip. Yes, ive been there. Get a proper plan and get out and have a decent life. You deserve it

3:09 AM  

I'm 24 and been married since I was 19, my ex started hitting me a few days after our marriage, that day we had made plans to go out and his mom wanted to go with us so I said let's take her and he went to another room talked to her and came in. He grabbed me by my hair pulled me on the floor and started kicking me, then he pulled me up and placed me on the bees and was punching my head. At that point i everything went numb I couldn't feel pain anymore. His father came in pulled him off of me and said to me "you have embarrassed us with all your yelling" with no concern at what his son has done. It got worse as years went by and It always was my fault. I got a 2 year old daughter and he hit me when I was pregnant and asked me to abort her because she was a girl. I keept her and she woke me up. The last time he Attacked me was on June 25 2015, I was holding her and he came in the bathroom and grabbed me by my throut and shaved me against the wall. He keept squeezing and I saw her hyperventilating and I found the will to push him and ran into my room and locked the door. She was all blue and when she caught her breath she started squeezing me and her feel were digging into me yelling "mommy mommy mommy oh no mommy" and instead of stoping he was trying to break down the door and she was terrified. He Hasent seen her in months he missed get birthday and today all of a sudden he says he has a lawyer and is gonna take her away from me. How do I prove that he is an abuser, Pls help me I don't want my daughter to live that life!! I will do anything to keep her safe and im not willing to hand her to an abuser😢😢😭😭!!

7:04 AM  

On top of everything he denies that he ever touched me, his parents lie that he ever touched me. While I was pregnant he had visited over 10 date sites and had profiles that I later found in my computer. He blamed me for everything, said i made him angry, I wouldnt liste, im cheating, im a whore and I deserve what I get!!😭😭

7:07 AM  

My husband has been abusing me for the past 9 years. When we first met, he was so charming. Always buying me gifts and taking me out. After I got pregnant, it was an instant change in his attitude and behaviors. He became so jealous over everything isolating me from my friends and family. He became physically violent while I was pregnant hitting and choking me often. After our daughter was born, he was even more abusive and jealous. He couldn't stand to hear the baby cry and would become violent each time she cried. When our child was 1 and a half years old, we moved to Mexico (his home country) and there things only got worse. He would beat me severely and verbally abuse me daily. We never worked, only stayed out drunk. The only time I was allowed to call family was when he wanted money. My family would send money, that he would then take from me and drink away or give to his mother. I tried leaving him once, but was caught. I thought he was going to kill me that night. The beating was so severe. He used an extension cord and a bicycle tire pump to beat me. We eventually left Mexico and are now living in Canada. The abuse continues. We now have a son and I'm so scared for both of my kids. I have little contact with my family, always monitored by him. I don't know anyone here, as I am not allowed to leave the house without him. I called family services once for help and was told that they would send me to jail for having my kids in a dangerous environment. I'm the victim, not the abuser. I want to leave but have no money and no where to go. He has said that he will never let me take my kids from him. That he will kill me if I try. The people who are supposed to help (family services) wants to put me away. So where do I turn, what can I do? I'm trapped.

1:18 PM  

He isn't seeing it because he can't see it. That much is probably true. That does not mean you have to stay in the relationship and be abused just because he's trying.

5:47 AM  

I don't know how long ago this was posted, I hope your situation has improved. If not, the domestic abuse hotline in Canada is 8003639010. They should be able to tell you your rights and help you make a plan to get out. Next time he hurts you, IMMEDIATELY call the police. Don't wait to call. I was in a very abusive relationship for 8 years and at times thought he was going to kill me. I wish I had reported every single time he physically hurt me. I'll pray for you.

1:40 PM  

I just recently got myself and my Daughter out of what could have been a re occuring situation.
I had been with this "man" for almost three years. At ghe beginning he was a charmer, convinved me i was the best thing he had ever had. It was a long distance relationship to begin with, until he moved to my home town.
I fell pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. I was 34+ weeks pregnant when he went back to his home town to celebrate one of his friends birthdays.
Turns out he cheated on me with the same girl he had been sleeping with whilst our long distance relationship was happening.
He continued to lie, never once did he admit his wrongs, instead i was told to shut my mouth and not speak of it or he would leave me.
More lies rolled in as the years past, i was belittled constantly, given the cold sholder and told i did nothing but wait around for the doll check.
He never helped around the house..
He also had less than a hand full of friends as im certain they could all see through his bullshit everyday lies.
Juat recently he came home drunk, continued to verbally abuse me for everything and anything he could think of.
I turned my back whilst holding our 18 month old baby and he punched me in the back of the head. As ive climbed into bed with our child he continued to verbally abuse me. When he finally left the room.. i picked up our daughter and started walking to a different room as i didn't feel we were safe sleeping in there.
As I've done so, he has tried to take our daughter from me.. as i continued to tell him he was too drunk don't worry just let us be. He put me up against the wall by my neck. Taking our child from me, he hit her head on the door frame.
She was frightened and screaming.. as i said just give her to me, he then again strangled me to the floor and laughed at me and got into bed whilst not letting our daughter go.
He then continued to verbally abuse me.
He fell asleep finally and my daughter came running to her mum.
I got us out immediately and called the policr ASAP.
We now have a restraining order on him.
My emotions continue to flow and in such a confused state.. but my daughter will not be put in harms way, even by her own father.

7:01 AM  

We began seeing eachother roughly 3 years ago. To begin with it was a long distance relationship.
He then move in with my parents and I.
My father got him multiple jobs and introduced him to many people.
Roughly after a year i fell pregnant.
He was the man of my dreams. Continuously making me feel like i was the best thing that had ever happened to him.
I was 34+ weeks pregnant when he decided to go back to his home town to celebrate one of his friends birthdays.
Little contact while he was there.. once he got home i sensed something was different. I checked his emails only to find messages from a girl. I confronted him only for him to make me feel as though i was paranoid. A few days past, i recieved a phone call from the girl that hosted the birthday party he went to. She informed me that him and her friend (the one i found messages from) slept together and had been doing to the whole time our long relationship was happening.
When confronted he continued to denie and told me if it was ever spoken of again, he would leave!
Our daughter was born and he continued to be very manipulative and lied constantly about his whole life in general.
He wouldn't help me around the house.. he had multiple cars and in a massive debt, we couldn't afford the essentials for our baby.
Relying on our parents because of his need for new expensice vehicles etc. He blamed me for us having no money.
Just recently he had been out drinking, i picked him up at 2:00am only for him to verbally abuse me on the way home.
We got home and he lashed out saying he was sick of coming home to the dog shit look on my face, that all i do is sit around and wait for the doll check etc.
Whilst holding our baby i turned around to leave the room as i didn't want to argue.
He punched me in the back of the head, stuned at what had jsut happend i put myself and my daughter to bed. Only for him to come in and continuously verbally abuse me.. after leaving the room and coming back in twice.. i decided to get up and take myself and my daughter to another room and lock the door.. as i have walked down the hall way, he has walked in and told me to give our daughter to him, as i said NO, you're to drunk just stop.. he has pinned me up against the wall by my neck whilst trying to pull my daughter from my arms.. he got hold of her and managed to hit head on the door frame.. i paniced and insited he give her to me, he then grabbed me by my neck and threw me to the floor only to hold me there and continously laugh at me.
He stopped and got into bed with our daughter, i layed on the ground crying and on the verge of vomiting.
I got up and paced the house.. only to return and try and tell my daughter to come to mum.. he then threatened to throw me through the window and break my hands.. i rang my mother, by then he had fallen asleep and my daughter got up and found me.
I made sure he was sleeping still, put her in the car and high tailed it to my sisters and called the police ASAP..
We now have a restraining order on him.

Why why why why do i continue to wounder how he is feeling qnd if i did the right thing.

7:56 AM  

Im still in one and feel lost i dont no what to,do he threatens to kill himself if i leave he plays on,my kindness and love

10:57 PM  

I'm separated from my husband now . Left 2 months ago. He fits every bpd symptom. Woman, do it! You deserve freedom. He deserves someone to stand up to his behavior. I enabled my abuser by taking a lot of blame for five years...but it's not you!! It is him entirely. Don't throw your life away . You are a beautiful child of god created perfect and meant to be cherished. It is hard to leave, but it's harder to stay and live in constant anxiety . No vacation from his emotional battery. This problem is out of control, women all over are being mistreated and just putting up with it. It's time we fight back! Take care of yourself, you deserve respect and honor every day, even if you have a bad attitude from time to time. My heart goes out to every woman ever treated as if she deserves to be put down or physically intimidated. These men must learn that it is unacceptable behavior and they must live alone if they choose not to change

12:46 PM  

He is looking for you to take his burden. His depression is not yours to bare. What's best for him is to not tolerate his behavior. If the worst happens, that is on HIM. Do not give into his guilt and shame. You are beautiful. You deserve to be cherished. You deserve someone who gives as much as you do. He only takes. Do not accept this treatment! Stand up for yourself. Stop this cycle, he won't ever stop it, and you will both suffer

12:51 PM  

I am so lost and i feel so alone every single day. My father was never in the picture and my mother never cared to have a relationship with me. My friends have all gave up on me because I've pushed eveyone away. I am so depressed so I dont go anywhere or do anything. I have been with this guy for 3 years now and we have broken up once before because I moved out once before while he was at work one day. We didn't speak for 6 months but then one day We started texting again. I was so lonley at the time that I fell for his charm and so then a few months after that I was stupid and let him move in with me (in the apartment I worked so hard at getting to get away from him ) now its been a full year and he is back to how he was before even worse. I cant talk to other guys if they come over to visit him. I cant even be myself anymore and make a joke. He gets mad if I want to do anything for myself without asking. He constantly calls me stupid and that I'm a piece of shit etc. I even feel more stupid after hearing it. I have two cats that I love so much and I'm afraid that if I leave he will hurt them he's abused them before. He had verbally and physically abused me many times. He tells me if I go to the police he will kill me. I feel so trapped. This appartment is in my name and the lease isnt up for another 6 months. I dont know what to do :( all the money I have goes to bills because he isn't working. I am so trapped. I feel alone

9:14 AM  

I'm still scared .. My body is still traumatised . it was my first time getting hit by a man and threated to be killed . one night we had a misunderstanding I lied and he beat me up until the early hours of the morning he then took a knife called his laywer and " I'm going to jail today prepare yourself. At that point I saw my life flash . I knew I was never coming back to his house. He put the knife and chocked me I could feel my wind pipe gasping for air .... I starting apologising .. I had to now shift to conversation to something else... He said he was leaving me ... I knew he was bluffing.. So I started telling him that I love him Ivan fix this I can't live with out him my life is what is because of... It worked because that's all we were talking about. I had to act calm he then forced himself inside of me ... Gosh I had never felt so must pain .... When I saw that I won him over I walked out and didn't look back.

I wanted someone to tell me that I did good so I called my sister. She said I put myself in that situation therefore she can't cry with me , I should just be hateful that I'm alive.

What makes me feel like an idiot is that I still love so much and I miss him and all the times we've had .. How do I get over a man who tried to take my life ... Now is acting all nice and saying he forgives me . I'm scared because the love I have for him might get me killed...

What do I do now.

3:08 PM  

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3:09 PM  

I've been with a guy I met at a lake. I had stayed single a few years before...I've been abused alot, since childhood ...then as adult I have done nothing but pick abusers.I am now in the 50'somethung club and wasted 5yrs on this nasty narcissistic disrespectful parasite.I tried conforming to everything. ...In the beginning Flowers cards...invatatuons and trips to the mountains. He first started abuse by slowly alienating me from other, home care jobs, calling me names always then laughingly say it's a joke,come on don't be a bitch, always leaving me in tears saying I am the one who is the problem etc. So much abuse mentally,psychological, physical in every way. I'm sitting here wondering how come, and his lies are so transparent that he has called me other 2 other women's names in the last 5 days!!! This is to much for me...and I really do know better...

1:45 PM  

Why does the abuser threaten to leave?? Do they ever leave or just say that

6:07 AM  

No its just a threat... He/She just wants to see you beg and hear you tell him/her that you love them. That's makes them feel good about themselves, like they are needed. It gives them more power. If you could tell him/her to go ahead and leave, They prolly won't instead tell you how ungrateful you are and how much you don't deserve me...bla bla bla

1:44 AM  

Thank you very much for this article you dont know howmuch valuble it is ,it saved my life and I think alot of other ladies ,we need someone to explain to us what abuser is and that its not our fault,the points you mentioned are highly accurate and can pull anyone up from the guilt and doubt feelings like he may change or its my fault or shall I forgive him

2:32 AM  

You have to understand that he is not nice he was aware that he may kill you or cause you a permanent disability,I was there and I couldent remove the feeling totaly but everytime I think of the good times I just remember the moment I ran from that room his face expresions wen he was hitting and raiping me hitting me on my head that can cause death he dislocated my arm and he told the police that am liar he was crying and begging me on phon to forgive him and he was a liar he was aware of what he was doing and he meant it after I left him he tried to harm me and if his story about loving you is true he would never harm you in the first place,they are acting from the start bacause they know that the only way they can get you to be under control is to make you love them they seem so true but its all illusion ,when you remember the good times keep in mind that it was acting just remember the moments he was beating you and knw well that a normal person wont hit you.

2:53 AM  

He wil do to her mybe worse than what he did to you ,its not about who you or she is its about who he is

3:26 AM  

I've been abused since I was a small child. I get with men who are abusive. They don't start out that way.
I'm back in a abusive relationship. I don't know how to get out,per say.I get beat when I try to leave. I'm scared he's going to kill me. He tried to two months ago. He gave me an option to let him take my car or he'd call 911 and beat my ass till cops came to arrest him.. I thought about it for a few min. I said take the car. He left didn't come back till 5am .. he walked in the door really hyper then grabbed a knife stabbed a tattoo on his arm and sliced up. I was so fucking scared (I'm terrified still from what happens after he done that to himself) I was shaking,heart beating outta my chest. He says go to the bedroom I'm begging him please don't, just basically begging for my life..I go to our room, he chokes me by headlock. I get out a that. We're on bed fighting for the knife my face gets small cuts I get stabbed in my arm, I didn't feel any of it cause I was so scared I as going to I'm fighting to get knife away I'm begging for him to stop. I knock him off the top of me. We both fell off the bed. Him into the wall. Not on purpose it just happened. He thought purpose, knowing fighting for the knife. He gets me in a head.lock again. I'm begging and pleading for my life. He.finally lets me up. He then Indian rubbed my wrist, smacking Me in the face. He then stops.
My heart racing, I'm shaking I almost was killed. I told him I love him and.everything is ok. We went to bed .. that lasted 7hrs of he'll.
Before that I had tried to leave him because of his abuse (cheating,lies,controling) I can't leave the bedroom without his permission,talk to know one he's that jealous. He says he has two male voices in his head and they want him to do bad things to people. Including me..,
I tried to tell him it was over a couple of times but I got beat. I know in my heart I'm dead either way.
My grown daughter.stays with me she had brought an animal home with out asking. He said he was going to teach me a lesson when my daughter left for my daughter bringing a cat in here. Later that night before my daughter left. He says the voices are back he was also watching homicide tv. (I liked watching that show but wasn't allowed cause he said it puts things in his head)
I got so scared that instead of the beating to teach me the lesson I was going to be killed. I told my daughter to call my mom and have cops come here for his old charges (DUI)
He was arrested on that old charge. I was shaking heart racing I couldn't sleep for days worry if he was going to kill me. I went to see him in county jail (mind you I see him in a monitor) I almost puke and feel like passing out Just driving there. He thinks I had something to do with him being in there.
He can turn his tears off and on, he's sorry I'm gonna worship the ground you walk on.. (I said why did you when you were out) just got quiet and then pissy. Cause I do that a lot passing him off...
He's found God, changed man, I love you, etc
I have PTSD,Anxiety, depression
I'm educated, low self-esteem, I feel I deserve to be beat, I feel that is love cause that's all I've ever known..
I'm not playing any victim, no sympathy.. just telling my story...
I've had time to think, when I have the strength to do what needs done. His voice gets back in my head saying he's sorry,he loves Mr, he'll never hurt me again.
The will to live for my Grandbaby and not to have my kids have to bury their mother.
I'm weak please I'm listening tell me how to get.out. I don't want to die, I don't want to press charges. Thsts too embarrassing for me. Thank you

9:50 PM  

And what makes the abuse worse is staying and trying to convince yourself that he will change when in reality, he will never change and also feeling like you have to stay to save the family you built with him... (Me currently)...

11:03 PM  

What is it about us women who know and see all the warning signs but have in our minds that it will get better. He starts out charming and when he gets you he turns into a monster. Get out while you can.

1:38 PM  

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